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To decorate a house, we need ideas, money, courage and patience. If you’re just about to do that, we can definitely help you on the idea. It’s not very hard to figure what defines the tropical style, at least you can guess from its name. If your dream house is one in which comfort and the feel of the islands are predominantly, then tropical decor surely suits you well. Although it’s more of a decorating style for vacation homes or hotel rooms, tropical style has become quite popular in recent years due to the emphasis on comfort and exotic shades and it’s seen especially in decorating living-rooms and bedrooms. If you want such a decoration in the house, we advisedyou to opt for it in hot weather. It will go also with spring and autumn season, but not with the cold season. Bringing tropical flair to your home design style means bringing the nature more close to you.

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The style is characterized by warm and soothing, colors, natural exotic wood furniture, fabrics and accessories printed with island motifs, tropical plants and materials, framed dried plants, natural textures with simple floral prints or various topics in the jungle. Prints are very common with elephants, leopards, zebras, lions and monkeys. Going to balance the theme with your personal style, you will certainly create a room with a more personal approach. Escape thinking about the holiday, decorating your room in a tropical paradise of relaxation with these beautiful ideas.

 1. Furniture: Tropical style is all about comfort, ease and utility. Emphasis is placed on hardwood furniture such as teak, mahogany to give weight to the room, looking in the same time for look for natural materials such as rattan, jute, wicker and bamboo for chairs, sofas, armchairs and woven tables, thus approaching more to the idea of nature. Beds are usually high off the ground to allow fresh air of the island to circulate around the room.

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2. Colors: Warm, soothing and bright colors reflect generally the culture and history of the region. Tropical color palette should be combined with lots of neutral colors which give the feeling of airy space. There are usually predominant shades of blue (the colors of sea and sky), shades of green. Opt also for those shades of yellow, cream and orange, which come in contrast the dark colors of the furniture.

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3. Lighting: Lighting objects are wooden lamps with cloth or paper shade and canvas chandeliers blade or thin wood for ventilation which will create a cozy atmosphere. Windows must be large to let more light for interiors.

4. Accessories and materials: Use framed dried plants, exotic potted plants, pillows printed, with all kinds of woven rope, carpets simple, hand-woven, paintings of seascapes, tropical ornamental motifs, curtains or blinds in bright colors of wood or canvas, usually beige. You can also use Thai silk and wool printed with flowers.

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Photo: Dinmore & Cisco Architects, Inc.

5. Plants: Plants bring life into your home and of course they are always present in a tropical setting. The best place for them is definitely living rooms or entries. For example big-leaf plants, such as banana plants are one perfect choice.

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