Kitchen Wall Painting Ideas

If you’re looking to make changes in your kitchen and a total renovation exceeds your budget, painting walls can give your kitchen a face-lift, making it appear more spacious and fresh. Today we’re gonna tell you how to refresh your kitchen with paint.

There so many options to add color to your kitchen. First, you should decide on a tone – cool or warm. If you’re keeping your cabinets as they are, this may dictate your direction. For instance, warm wood tones are really great when using greens and blues. But if you have dark brown, black or white cabinets, you can go on any direction. Just keep in mind the color of your tile or flooring. You don’t want anything that clushes.

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If you have decided to paint your kitchen walls, strategically choose your colors to suit your personality and goals for the time you’ll spend in the space, but also remember to take into consideration that colors have a big influence on our disposition, appetite and energy level. Some of the best colors for kitchen are  yellow, red, orange, green and combinations between them. It is well-known that red can give a resonant and stimulating aspect for your rooms. Like orange, red is known to increase appetite and thus is widely used in kitchens. Use a warmer shade of red, not a strong one. Yellow is another color that can easily uplift moods and inspire, especially in the kitchen. Energetic and eye-catching, lighter shades of yellow are great in combination with any other color you want to put on. For kitchen wall painting you can also use blue to create a cool and clear look, blue color being said to decrease appetite and you can lose weight. Whether it’s a single wall, just the ceiling or some carrefully choosen accents, you’ll be surprised how different a changed color can make a room feel. It trully is a fun and inexpensive way of completely change your kitchen. So go ahead, cook up some color. You can paint a single wall a bright color, paint your ceiling a color other than white or experiment with stripes, wall treatments and accents.

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In order to help you in choosing the right colors for your kitchen interior, another option is a home design program which can save you a lot of time and many.You can play with swatches in the program before you buy samples of paint and you can even look up a specific color from the paint manufacturer’s library. So there’s no question what you looking for when it comes time to process.

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