Get Noticed at Night with Cool Hi-Reflective Umbrella

A simple and ordinary item during the day, but a smart fashion accessory at night- this is the super cool hi-reflective umbrella designed by Yee-Ling Wan. The awesome design concept starts from the simple idea that nightime can be hazardous to pedestrians, especially when it rains, and, if during the day we can manage all our activities in a certain comfort and protection of a vehicle, when it’s dark the situation changes and the visibility for drivers reduces, and we are subject to many risks.


The answer to avoid these kind of situations could be this hi-reflective umbrella, which can be your trusty object in your handbag. Designed to withstand even strong winds, this umbrella looks like a regular one during daytime use; it features a classic dark grey shade, being made of an aluminum hardware and a plastic handle. In this way, it’s super tough and lighweight as well.

But what makes it special compared to other umbrellas is its canopy made from brightly reflective material that activates by night, increasing your visibility and safety in the same time. You’ll be spotted more easily by the drivers thanks to this interesting technology. The common umbrella design can protect you from the rain, but it cannot protect you from running vehicles. In this case, this hi-reflective umbrella keeps you dry, while enhances your safety when you must walk outdoors at night. It folds down and its small size fits perfectly in your bag, so you can have it always with you in case you need it. What do you think about?


Telescopic-umbrella- design



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