Beautiful Origami Lampshade for Paper Lovers -Chestnut by Studio Snowpuppe

If you’re looking for original-looking lampshades and you’re a paper lover too, then here we’re showing you a beautiful and eye-catching origami-inspired lampshades made of paper, which you’ll surely like them very much. We’ve recently seen them on Studio Snowpuppe website and we think they are great, adding a touch of originality to your home. Their passion for paper and light resulted in a charming collection consisting in a variaty of colorful paper origami lampshades. Designed by Kenneth and Nellianna,  Chestnut is one of them, a lovely hanging lamp that will make you smile and bright up your living.


Very suggestive entitled, Chestnut, this lampshade was inspired, as you probably guess, by chestnuts, being folded from a  FSC certified paper of the type Butterfly, which lasts in time. Its design resembles to an opened chestnut for the first time which looks very round and curved on the inside. Chestnut features strong angular folds outside and unexpected curved folds inside that play with the light.

Using the paper as material in different trendy colors and the fact that the hanging lampshade fits around a standard energy-saving lightbulb, Chestnut will provide a more natural, warm and colorful light. It is well-known the fact that the very popular energy-saving light bulbs spread a cold and not very nice light, but once the light filters through Chestnut’s paper, it becomes soft and cosy, suitable for using in a bedroom as the only source of light in the room or above the dining table. They can be easily cleaned by either using a feather-duster, blowing dust off or by using a vacuum cleaner at low power.

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Photos © Studio Snowpuppe


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