Unique Bench Design by Studio Nic Roex

Aiming to create products that excite and inspire, German Studio Nic Roex focuses on products, furniture and interiors distinguished by clear structures, clean lines and recognizable elements, shapes and techniques. Their functional designs involve actively people, making them feel part of the process. This unusual green and white bench we’re presenting you today is called E.B.B. and features an interesting design concept, which challenges preconceived notions of benches. A transparent green construction reveal the impossible -a bench with one leg instead of four, as it would be normal to have.


The unconventional design that gave up to the familiar and recognisable aspect (the four legs) of a bench draws attention and make the user curios to discover it and observe from every standpoint. E.B.B. bench’s form challenges and invites the observer to understand how it works. Unlike an ordinary seating piece, E.B.B. channels all its forces into one single leg with a firm metal base.

There are three steel parts made of distinct color shades, a combination between green and white which create somehow an optical illusion making you believe it’s suspended when looking from different angles. Thus, the challenge presented by this bench is one of balance. This original characteristic is highlighted and accentuated by the bench’s simple, irregular geometry, yet unique and catchy, that on the other side kept untouched the furniture item’s function. E.B.B is designed to be used outdoor, as it’s made of metal and acrylic, two materials suitable for this kind of environment. The acrylic provides the bench an attractive transparent look, but also is UV-resistant and does not fade in the sun. It’s dimensions are 150 x 80 x 55 cm








Photos © Simon Wald-Lasowski

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