Get The Best Of Your Wet Wall Panels At Affordable Prices

If one wishes to revamp a shower room or bathroom at home do not look further. The guys from IPSL is one of the leaders in this industry when it comes to wall panelswhich are pretable for commercial and domestic use. Not only do they include a wide variety of pannels but they are also top notch in terms of quality and customer service no matter in which domain one activates.

Regardin installation, the process cannot be more simpler as they can be installed right over the panels which need to be replaced using adhesive products which we also provide when an order is complete. If one finds himself in stuck in the process of installing the panels an instructional video can be also provided upon request which explains the steps which one has to take in order to complete the process one by one to produce a really professional finish.

Regardig color and shape varieties the possibilities are endless and in order to make sure that everyone is satisfied with their choice a 3D room visualiser is available for everyone to explore endless choices before placing an order.

The wet wall panels are built from premium polymers which are going through thorugh checking to ensure that each idividual product is of high quality with the guarantee to last at least ten years from the moment of being installed. The polymers from which they are made of also confer the wet wall panels waterproofing as well as steam-proofing which will make them stand out from any other product available on the market.

When it comes to maintenance, the wet wall pannels only need to be wiped with a soapy cloth and then rinse in order to get the same pristine form with which they came from right from the factory. Bear in mind that the cloth should be non-abrasive as it can lead to minor scratches on its surface.

If one has figured out what product to buy from the wide array of options being made available the next thing to do is choosing the fitting and finishing accessories and then placing the order. A team of dedicated experts are working around the clock to guide a customers step by step in a profesional manner to ensure that customer service is well delivered as well as recommend and discuss requirements and advise on the installation process from start to finish. The help can be designed to suit everyone’s unique and personal circumstances with a lot of professionalism.


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