How to Personalize Your Home’s Décor

There is so much about home design and décor that is mass-produced, not unique, and just not very personal. As you walk through your home, it’s nice to get a sense of who you are, what your own style is, and what makes you feel happy and welcome.

One way to achieve this is through personalized home décor items. These items are able to transform your space and give a sense of you as an individual. By including these pieces, your home will take on that custom-feel that so many people strive for. Here we’ll take a look at some of the top ways you can personalize your home décor as far as items go.

Show Off Your Favorite Colors

Rather than worry about what colors are currently trending, pick colors that you absolutely love. Those who know you well will recognize this special and personal touch. There is no reason you have to stick to one room either, you can use color as a running trend through your home.

Let’s take for example the color green. You can include green in your bedroom through the bedding, in your living room with some simple pillows or a throw, and even in your kitchen with placemats, seat cushions, or window coverings. If you’re going to carry it through your home, just be sure you take the less is more approach. It should be a fun little touch that is added to each room rather than the overall theme.

Invest in Custom-Made Pieces

There is no cooler way to show off your design style and sense than by investing in a custom-made piece. You can work with the artisan, artist, professional to create the design and allow it to speak to you. You really can’t get more personal than that!

You may wish to have a stunning wooden mantle made from reclaimed wood, maybe you want a more modern metal piece that was made using a laser engraving machine, or perhaps you want something delicate like a glass-blown decorative bowl.

With these investment pieces, there is no need to worry about current trends. These are meant to be timeless pieces that will work throughout the years and that you can hold on to for many years to come.

Make Your Own Artwork

Who says that you have to spend hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars on artwork? Why not create your very own artwork and then have it professionally framed? It will be fun to see which of your friends think it’s from a well-known artist! DIY projects in general are a great way to let your creativity shine, personalize your space, and provide you with something you have real pride in.

If you are feeling apprehensive about making your own artwork, you can always sign up for a local art class and get a bit of guidance and experience before attempting it.

Add Color to Your Front Door

All too often, we end up settling for neutrals and boring shades chosen by the builder for our front door to the house. If you want to make your house pop, make it look unique, and really show off your own style, paint it a fun color. Don’t be afraid to pick something unexpected such as yellow, blue, or even coral. Your house will suddenly become the most noticeable one on the street.

Display Personal Collections

Personal collections and mementos offer another great way to personalize your home. For those who like to travel, this is a great opportunity to frame photos of various destinations, put out pieces you’ve acquired along the way, and really give people a look into your life.

Then again maybe you have a collection that you’ve been working on for years, such as a collection of teacups. Look for fun and interesting ways to display your collection throughout your home and show off the many great pieces you have.

Change Picture Frames

If you have a few framed pictures in your home that you have bought it may be worth having them re-framed. Just because you liked the photo/painting, doesn’t mean the frame was a reflection of your taste. This is a great way to make the picture more unique.

Let Your Personality Shine

When it comes to personalizing your home décor, all you need to do is look for ways to let your personality shine. This can be through artwork, textiles, paint, furniture, and so much more. It’s about taking simple everyday pieces and putting your own spin on them.


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