Getting Started with Backyard Redesign

Are visuals overrated? Of course not! Visuals can render their energy to you spontaneously. You feel what you see – motivation, tranquility, excitement and every emotion go by.

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Our homes reflect what we are and what we wish for. And all of us should make it a point to lend them as much as our aura. Do our backyards often get neglected? Might be. Do we consider them as an afterthought? If yes, then that needs to change. It is amazing to know how wonderfully we can transform them in so many stunning ways. You can revamp them into a luxurious space, or a serene setting, or a comfy corner. You can spend time in seclusion or hang out with loved ones. This can turn into a very dear extension of your house.

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We have come up with some suggestions that you might incorporate in your backyard.

  1. Plants for Privacy 

When starting to design your outer living space, make it a point to keep it private and exclusive for yourself. You might be planning to spend some time alone. You can also shield it from unwanted glances from your neighborhood. We suggest a more natural screen for your backyard – Thuja Green Giant. These plant variants have a growth rate of 3 to 5 feet per year. There have been instances of growth of 5 feet per year as well. Even with very little care, your tree can gain a height of  3 feet within one growing season. They justify their names!

Also, these trees are disease-resistant; seldom get prone to any plant disease. But do keep in mind to avoid planting them too deep or very close for better immunity. The Thuja Green Giants require “Low to No” Maintenance. Only for some time after planting and in the first summer, take care of its water content. The plants are also immune to pest attacks. It is advised to look out for bagworms and telltale bags as they lurk around a lot. 

Your backyard will get a greener look and a plant-rich screen. You will feel like sitting in your mini forest. 

  1. Comfy – Patio and Floor Rug

Sounds fancy? Sure it is. A patio is not what ideally you would look for in your backyard. However, if a more compact version of it can be devised, it would add so much to the space. A patio is a roofless area with no walls around it, meant for recreation. But in your home’s backyard, you can try out a circular space, in a corner or the very center. To add to the aesthetics you can have a customized theme. Make the floor distinct from the rest of the area using different kinds of stone or even a rug for that matter. A rug could be a more vibrant option. Select the right material, print, color, and design. You can have it as a dining space or a comfy sitting area for friends and family. This adds a lively touch.

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  1. For the Water Child 

Nothing is more peaceful than the sounds of stream burbles. Water gushing over stones or flowing seamlessly over flatlands is just so relaxing. Update your backyard with such tranquil elements and get that serene space to wile away in. If your outlet has too rugged a terrain, make it into a flowing stream. Or you could have a personal, tall waterfall made out of a stack of stones. A much simpler way can be to have a stream across the perimeter of your backyard. It could be beautifully decorated with pebbles, gravel, small plants for a more natural appeal. 

A pond can seem more of a task but trust us – the result will be endearing. You will love every bit of it. It will be so enchanting to sit by it and feel close to nature and dive into yourself. If you wish, you can add fish of various kinds and enjoy spending time with them. If all of these options seem a hassle, you can always opt for a traditional fountain. Implement one and enjoy the beauty.  

  1. Pergola 
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A pergola is a traditional backyard feature to elevate the whole vibe of your backyard. A shed-like frame, essentially installed to support vines. It’s now more of a romantic addition to your backyard. A meticulously thought-out pergola design can add to the character and appeal of the space. A minimalistic corner pergola could be a modern approach.

Why not use it originally with climbers of winsome, exquisite, and scented flowers. Another contemporary addition includes retractable canvas shades. This makes the pergola ready for every kind of weather. You can hang out anytime, without being disturbed by the scorching sun or heavy rain. You can get creative with any theme decor. Try out subtle lightings, gauzy curtains, which lend it a spectacular deck sight! For a more refined and structured outcome, try geometric and etched roof screens. It can look so vintage, yet so modern at the same time. 

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Our backyards are secluded spaces that can mirror what is going inside our homes. Moreover, we can feel connected to ourselves when sitting quietly in the backyard. It is not essential to design it, but what’s stopping you? Give it character. On the creative part, there are numerous ways to uplift the tone and setting of your backyard. Landscape design has been recognized as significant for humans to get a more conducive living environment. Make sure to ooze out the essence of your backyard and get to redesigning


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