What Is Dyson Brand Actually All About?

Like most people, you might be wondering what is the Dyson brand actually about, especially in terms of their values.

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The organization makes many different products such as hair dryers, humidifiers, purifiers, and vacuum cleaners. However, they’re not just a consumer company that sells these things, but they also have a driven force to sell as many products as possible – inventing only the best they can offer.

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What Is Dyson Brand

Most people know that this organization sells well-designed vacuum cleaners for everyone. To some, this company is actually like the Apple Computer of home appliances. They have some of the best and most recognizable marketing campaigns in the home appliance industry. Consumer awareness is similar to that of other companies such as Virgin, IKEA, and many recent technology companies. Overall, their products always consider the human aspect.

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Brand’s Concise History

This company was founded and named after James Dyson, an entrepreneur and engineer before Elon Musk started his first company. It was 1978 when this design engineer was frustrated because his vacuum cleaner reduced in performance over time, particularly with the suction. Dust was clogging the bag and reducing the machine’s usefulness. He endured anyway as this problem continued, working at his ball barrow factory.

Eventually, he learned how a giant cyclone would work better than the large vacuum used to spray epoxy on the ball barrows during the creation process. After investigating a sawmill that used this kind of process, he created his own 30-foot version to use at the factory. In turn, he realized he could apply this same process to his vacuum cleaner to prevent dust from clogging the machine. From here, he created a cardboard test model.

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While the test model proved that such a system would work well in a vacuum, the directors at his company didn’t think it was such a great idea. They reasoned that if someone could make a better vacuum, one of the major vacuum companies would have already made it. He developed his idea himself for years, trying to get other companies to bring his product to market. Eventually, a Japanese company licensed the design to success.

From the first success in Japan, the design engineer used the funds to create his own company in 1991. The first model was sold early in 1993, and they used their own ingenuity and understanding rather than the momentary market data. This is a trend with this brand and many other entrepreneurial companies. Even today, they continue to innovate in different areas that some of the traditional companies overlook.

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In Conclusion

It’s easy to see that the Dyson brand consists of values that go beyond financial numbers. They want to create the best products on the market that consumers will love without being out of reach for the average household. While these products are more expensive than average, they add value to people’s lives in terms of quality of life and ease of use. Instead of spending on the next vacation, consider making your home more pleasant.


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