Go Down the Memory Lane: Cover Your Bedroom With Family Photographs

So you want to decorate your house? Well, you are in luck since there are hundreds of ways of doing so in such a manner that your room and house will stand out from the rest of the homes out there.

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As a matter of fact, creating a collage of pictures is by far and large one of the best ways of ensuring that your house is not only well decorated but you also have the perfect means of preserving all of your awesome memories. Here are a few ideas to add new and tasteful decorations to your house:

Image by Dariusz Sankowski from Pixabay
  • Make a Collage 

Nothing creates more nostalgia than a large collage of pictures placed on the bedroom wall. You can take pictures from your college days when you had to study for that PANCE exam to family pictures, birthday parties, marriage, anniversaries, and everything else that has ever made you happy. Mix them with all of your best travel pictures and create a huge collage that would cover most of your bedroom wall. This way, when you wake up the very first thing you will see would be the pictures that are most memorable for you. You will remember all the good times you had and start the day buoyed up with sheer joy. It will help you get through your working day as if you are walking on air. And finally, they will be the last things you see when you drift off into the arms of Morpheus (the god of sleep). This way you will have really good dreams and wake up totally refreshed. In fact, many people put group collages in their bedrooms for precisely this reason. 

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  • Use Pictures as In-House Decorations 

You may decorate the walls of your home with various photos and pictures to create a really neat as well as an interesting way of displaying your memories. You can find the pictures that you like online, just make sure to convert to PDF so they won’t change the format. For example, use a gold-dipped cord and make a series of picture holders in such a way that they are all held in a geometric pattern. These holders may be in any shape you like and prefer. You may easily attach them together with little binder clips. 

  • Paint Dipped Frame Art

If you have a taste for the unusual, I would suggest dipping your frames into different colored paints so that the bottom half is covered in paint and the upper half like the picture. Or vice versa. This way you will create an aura of mystique around your bedroom. In fact not just our bedroom, but pretty much wherever you choose to display your half-and-half pictures. 

Image by Billy Catbagan from Pixabay
  • Home Remodeling and Décor

There are plenty of projects that you can undertake to remodel your home. If you are into ‘do it yourself (DIY) type stuff, you can increase the interior and exterior décor of your house by painting it in and out. Or you can use wallpaper to add a touch of color to the walls of your home. Alternately, if you are into big and grandiose projects, it is possible to add a sunroom to your house or an attic to the top floor. You can insert picturesque bay windows as well, in your drawing and living rooms. You can come up with any number of home remodeling projects for renovation purposes or hire professionals that can do all the home remodeling tasks for you. Ultimately, it is all up to your budget as well as priorities and tastes. 

  • Use Wall Art 

You do not have to use pictures for home décor alone. Not when you can use wall art. You can get an artist to create stunning and lifelike portraits or still life in watercolors or oil paints to give a touch of class to your walls. Apart from that, you can use botanical art such as dried leaves, flowers, and the like to decorate the walls of your house. You can put them in frames and scatter them all across the four walls of the different rooms in your home. You can also do the same with captured butterflies and moths too. Or any trophies that you might have hunted. 

  • Conclusion 

Your home is your castle and your solace and ‘happy place.’ You should decorate it any way you like. From putting up picture collages of your memories in your bedroom to fine art in your drawing-room. 


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