Using Sortlist to Build a responsive List of Sales Leads

Sortlist is a powerful marketing tool that allows marketers to compare and contrast numerous leads.

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By allowing marketers to sort through various types of leads, marketers gain an edge in the race for business. With the use of multiple lists, marketers can sort through different demographics, geographic locations, and more. All service-client interaction should go through this platform. Sortlist recently integrated a new CRM system to help agencies and marketers to better collaborate and handle tasks related to their clients.

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When setting up a list on Sortlist, you will be asked multiple questions such as what kind of lead you are looking to generate, what city/state/country you live in, how long you have been a resident, and what your goals are. These questions will yield a myriad of different results. In order to sort through your results, you will need to make sure that all of your answers are accurate. This is where the multi-criteria searching tool comes into play. Using this feature, digital agencies can quickly see which lead categories are best for them based on the criteria specified by the buyer. After selecting your top prospects, you will be given the option to further filter and review them further.

This new CRM system also provides marketing managers with an easier way to identify and connect with their most important prospects. Billed annually, sortlist helps marketing managers find their most targeted list members quickly. As opposed to manually referring to a client’s billing records to identify who is most responsive, marketing managers can simply install a link that automatically sorts their data by month. Once you are signed up, you will be provided with a login and password. This makes it easy for you to access and manage your subscribers. This login and password system also makes it easy for your marketing managers to manage and track the lists that you have created.

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By allowing your sales reps to view the type of contact information, you can quickly and easily determine whether or not your current sales prospects are worth pursuing. Rather than sending your representatives in search of new prospects, you can simply drill down into the data provided and see which of your sales leads are most responsive. This makes it far easier for you to determine whether or not to pursue these individuals based solely on their responsiveness. By viewing your sales leads’ billing history, sales history, and sales cycles, it becomes far easier to identify what the sales rep may be the best long-term fit for the company.

Another great advantage of using sortlist is that it allows you to easily create custom reports and dashboards for all of your sales representatives. With the ability to instantly generate reports by the number of sales, it makes it easy for you to create useful and meaningful reports for your sales staff. By customizing the report’s format and graphics as well as its elements, you can tailor it to exactly what your sales people need. Using sortlist to create useful dashboards for your sales team gives you the ability to show your reps that sales prospects are performing the best, where they are performing the best, and which of your current prospects may be better off hiring you or someone else in your organization.

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By leveraging your own contacts and past contacts, as well as your own company contacts and past company contacts, you can build a targeted list of high quality leads. Rather than relying on cold calling or traditional lead generation techniques, your shortlist will allow you to identify your own core sales leads and then target those leads with additional communications and events. Utilizing your own list of responsive sales leads gives you the ability to take advantage of the best opportunities in your market place and to close more of these sales than your competition. A properly constructed sortlist will provide you with a list of responsive sales leads that you can easily follow up with and build a relationship with over time.


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