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Great ideas to get more space in a small apartment

Living in a small apartment, especially if you live in a big city isn’t something uncommon. At the beginning of the year 2020. if you lived in a studio apartment, you might haven’t even noticed its size. 

Working long hours, visiting a bar after work, going to a cinema, theatre, to the gym or hanging out at a friends’ place, all of those activities made people spend quite a small amount of time at home. 

But, with spring this year, a lot of those activities disappeared. Even going to work, for most people, became something you do from home. Life in a tiny home in a big city became a reality and the question “How to get more space” emerged. 

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Multifunctional furniture means more space

Getting your life together in 30 square metres doesn’t mean the interiors are unattractive. Urban flats are, for years, challenges for interior designers around the world. 

Today, multifunctional furniture goes way beyond the Murphy bed.

Modular sofas 

With modular sofas, you can play around with to maximise your space. They can be a couch, an extra bed or even two armchairs.

The best thing is that they have extra empty boxes that you can use for storage. 

Foldable tables

In a small apartment, every inch of space counts. Dining tables can be a bit robust, once you have one, that’s it. But, for a small apartment, you can use a folding table. It can give you more space, as some of them can be minimised into a console desk.

Ottoman beds

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Beds with storage or ottoman beds can be lifesavers. It’s a miracle what you can fill the drawers with, including the bed linen and drawers.

Alternatively, you can always yous storage boxes under the bed, if you have space under there. 

Storage chairs

A chair that’s at the same time a storage space can also be helpful in your quest for extra space in a cramped apartment. 

Storage chairs today aren’t just ottoman chairs, simple cubes with a lid to sit on. 

You can find interesting designs with storage in mind if you try. 

Don’t leave your walls empty 

Choosing furniture that’s multifunctional can save you some space and give you more room for storage.

The only other thing you can use to clear your space to feel more freedom for moving is to use as much space walls as you can, without suffocating them.

In a small apartment, you don’t have the luxury of having kitchen drawers in the middle of a wall. Your kitchen cabinets have to fill the walls to the ceiling. 

Shelves and wall organisers, on the other hand, can be dispersed on your walls. It’s an excellent idea to display on them the items that you want to show combined with ones you want to store.

You can mount deeper shelves and put boxes on them that you use for storage.

Hooks, where there’s appropriate on the wall, are another way to use the free walls. 

Treat doors as walls

In a small apartment, you probably don’t have many doors, but use the ones you have for some extra storage. The same way you use the walls, you can use a door.

You can add some wall storage solutions on the door or at least add hooks to the door. 

Embrace minimalism 

Lately, you may found yourself in a position you’re bound to spend a lot of the time in your apartment. 

Even before this global epidemic started, minimalism became popular in urban areas and not just as a way to decorate your interiors. It became a way of thinking. 

Of course, with its biggest protagonist being Mari Kondo and her planetary popular Netflix show.

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However, watching decluttering shows and having foldable furniture may help to increase your space visually. 

The thing you will always battle with is the lack of space in a big city. For that, you may have to find some extra space.

Rent some extra space 

Renting a garage may seem a bit expensive, but there are ways to find a hassle-free, not pricey temporary storage. You probably don’t need summer sports or camping equipment in winter (or anything else you don’t know where to place). It’s not that these things clash with your minimalistic philosophy; there’s just a physical lack of space. 

Contacting a storage company that can rent you some space might do the trick. Some companies like British Access Box Storage have storage by the box. That means you just temporarily put away everything you don’t need and get it back once you do.

We hope you will expand with these few tips. And also, that you won’t have to spend most of your days at home soon. 


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