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Why Add a Sunroom to Your Property?

COVID-19 forced many of us to spend a large chunk of 2020 inside our own four walls, and the lockdown measures appear to have spurred something of a home improvement boom. Google searches for flooring, paint and other DIY products skyrocketed around the beginning of the pandemic, and they’re still trending far higher than in previous years. Which makes perfect sense, really—if you’re stuck at home, you’re going to want your home to look as nice as possible!

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‘Sunroom’ is another word that many, many people have been typing into search engines this year. A sunroom is a great way to extend your living space into the garden—these glass rooms can be enjoyed come rain or shine, and they’re quicker and easier to construct than traditional conservatories.

Here are three reasons to consider adding a sunroom to your home…

An extra room to enjoy

A sunroom can be used in all sorts of different ways. If you want a dedicated dining area, your own home gym, or just a bit of extra storage space, a sunroom fits the bill—plus, when the weather’s nice, you can throw the doors open and let the sunshine in!

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If you’re working from home to help slow the spread of COVID-19, you may also find that a sunroom makes the perfect after-work retreat. Spending your office hours and your leisure time in the same space isn’t especially healthy, so once you’ve logged off for the day, it’s good to be able to head out to the sunroom and relax away from your workstation.

Get more from your garden

You probably don’t get much use from your outdoor space during the autumn and winter months. But installing a glass room in your garden enables you to enjoy the space even when it’s too cold to sit outside.

Sunrooms can be fitted with heaters to help you stay warm when the temperature drops, and the transparent glass walls and doors mean that you can enjoy the sight of your garden even when you’d prefer to stay inside!

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Boost your property’s value and aesthetic appeal

Should you one day decide to sell your home, you will probably find that the sunroom you constructed boosts the property’s estimated value by a significant amount.

And in the meantime, the structure will add a dash of contemporary style to the property that you and your family can enjoy every day you spend at home!


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