Handmade Christmas Ornaments in Limited Edition

Do you happen to remember the Christmas tree’s ornaments from the time you’re just kids? Why were they so special? As a cherished part of the holiday rituals, tree ornaments are always present in Christmas decorations. It’s said that if one looks at someone’s Christmas tree can tell you what they values the most. And it’s true. It happens to us all the time when we sit around a Christmass tree, every ornament we hang on its branches means something to us and reminds us of fantastic moments shared with family and best friends.

Each year, once you decorated your beautiful Christmas tree, they relive the magic as you turn on the lights. Nowadays, there are extensive collections of ornaments  of all shapes and colors with festive designs to complement any Christmas tree possible. For those who enjoy handmade Christmas ornaments, here we find some lovely and funny ones designed by Ryan Boechler and Christine Huynh from recently formed Canadian company Studio Bup. They value playfulness, simplicity and approachability, and show this in every project they made. Featuring a minimalist design, their Christmas ornaments are in three different, attractive shapes like a gift box, a tree, and a candy cane, all using festive Christmas color palette: green with white and red with white. Made of acrylic and baltic birch, it’s a limited edition and they will be available at Vancouver Special.

 Photos © Studio Bup


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