Office Fit-Out: Fresh Interior Design Ideas For 2013

When fitting out your office for 2013, it’s a great idea to get inspired by innovative office designs and fresh ideas based on current trends. Here are the most interesting ideas for you to get inspired.

Go futuristic. Haworth Marketing + Media, with two offices in Minneapolis and LA have recently redesigned their offices. The new building features a three-dimensional two-storey white wall specifically developed for the project to give the office a futuristic look. Other innovative design elements include undulating walls, enclosures, clouds that hang from conference rooms, facings on interior walls and so on.

Be innovative. Most businesses just want modern offices and only a few companies allow designers to come up with more innovative and whacky or outrageous designs. If you want to have one-of-a-kind office interior design, without a total refurbishment, trust professional designers who are able to make an entire office fit-out “without having to hire carpenters and bring down walls”. Think outside of the box but don’t go too mad in terms of crazy office features, at the end of the day, employee productivity should be your priority in any new changes!

Push the boundaries. Create something unique, without having a detrimental effect on employee health and safety or the ability to work comfortably. For example, a zip wire to get you from office A to B may get you a lot of publicity but we are pretty sure it will not be legally allowed!

Use innovative and sustainable materials. Create architectural products from durable, lightweight, translucent, cost effective and sustainable materials. Office fit-out companies can help you use environmentally-friendly materials as part of the “reduce, reuse and recycle” programme. There is a lot of interest around companies appearing to be as ‘green’ as possible, so do your bit for the environment.

If you’re planning office refurbishment or fit-out for 2013, turn to professionals for fresh interior design ideas. Have a look at what other companies in similar industries to yours are doing and tailor your office layout in line with what works for others. Encourage your employees to give input with regards to what they want to get out of a new office interior. Getting a unique conceptual office is easier than you think.


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