TVs In Modern Interiors: To Hide Or Not To Hide

While TVs can easily fit into most modern home interiors, those who have classic or any other not modern interiors prefer to hide their TVs in a console. If you’re also hesitating whether to hide your TV or install Vogel TV brackets, here are a few points to consider.

Why hide it

Design experts suggest that having a visible TV, especially in your bedroom, is no good for psychological reasons. A TV is always a distraction, even when it’s off.

A visible TV in the room gives the possibility to break the intimacy and interrupt a conversation.

When mounted on your mantle, a TV becomes the focal point of the room instead of a beautiful fireplace, which was originally intended.

There is current constantly running through TVs and some people prefer to keep the room free of electronic devices to be able to relax.

Why leave it visible

A modern TV is a stylish, feature-rich and highly sophisticated piece of equipment and why would you hide it away if you’ve spent a considerable sum on a cutting-edge TV?

People’s lives don’t revolve around TVs and families always have a choice in what and when to watch.

A TV can get you connected with the latest news, current sports, world finances, weather as well as the best lifestyle programmes and films.

Having a state-of-the-art theatre room can be quite fashionable, which is great for any modern home. Your TV can be an essential part of the theatre room which can also be used for other relaxing activities if you feel like relaxing instead of watching TV.

If the TV is given the central location in the theatre room, it will provide the most comfortable seating and viewing, with acoustics set to provide the best audio sound.

In your bedroom, the TV is certainly not the most important element and it may just be used occasionally so choose convenient TV brackets to give the device a proper position on the wall where it won’t disrupt you.

Hidden or visible, your TV is just another item in the room which doesn’t dictate your major décor theme.


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