Handmade Vibrantly Coloured Cushions

This fantastic collection of handmade vibrantly colored cushions is recently created by Provide Home in collaboration with Mitun Chakrabarti. Firstly designed under the name Provide Made, these cushions will pop out in any room due to their appealing graphic design and richness of color. These expressive and highly dimensional patterns are created by duplicating the shape of a cube and together with rich, saturated colors from fuschia to eggplant and a raw ecru add dimension and homey feel to any space. The crafty aesthetic is given by the hand-woven silk dyed in these beautiful colors, where silk is an Eco-friendly that has the comfort and durability of cotton while maintaining  the richness in color and depth of it. The Provide Made collection is assembled meticulously by hand using quilting-like techniques. The result will definitely complements any contemporary interior design and the pictures stand as evidence of this.

Photos source: Provide Home.

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