Innovative Carpets Collection Inspired by Beautiful Scandinavian Nature

Now you can bring the rustic beauty of nature right into your house with the innovative carpets collection “Out of nature.” Fascinated by the ever-changing light that influences colours and atmospheres in nature, designers from the Edge created this collection which reflects the changes occurring in nature between spring and winter and night and day; a collection that is perfect for both modern and classic Scandinavian interior design. Thinking that life becomes everyday more stressful and complex, “Out of nature” collection fulfill the need to return to basics and sick the simplicity in everything. Carpets feature 14 different amazing and expressive photographic designs imitating colours of nature while providing comfort and good acoustics. They are high-quality and hard-wearing, made of 100% polyamide.

Having such as beautiful untouched nature-inspired flooring creates a simple, natural and peaceful ambiance. Look for yourself, I’m sure you will find these carpets a great idea for upgrading your space.

Photos source: Edge.

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