The proper tools must be used to clean your firearm. If you’re looking for an affordable, versatile, and high-quality solvent trap cleaning kit, this 7075 type III anodized aluminium adaptable solvent trap is a great choice.

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There are still many people who wonder if solvent traps are legal. It is quite common due to the limitations that accompany it when purchased, but most importantly, it is a question based on reading info online about Form 1 kits – these are completely different from solvent trap kits. It is entirely legal to buy solvent trap cleaning kits from Armoury Den. 

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After submitting an NFA Tax Stamp and Form 1 Application, you can modify the Form 1 for other purposes if you first secure an approved Form 1. You need to read on if you want to get a solvent trap for its intended purpose and want to find the best one for your needs. The 7075 Billet Type III Anodized Aluminium Adaptive Solvent trap kit is Armoury Den’s best and most versatile option. Adaptive Solvent Traps made from 7075 Billet Type III Anodized Aluminium have five advantages.

1. Versatility is a strong suit

Several outstanding features can be found in this solvent trap because of its versatile design. The 60-degree adaptive (modular) cup design, for example, allows you to store solvent for reuse later, as well as transport solvent.

Adaptive Solvent Trap made of 7075 Billet Aluminium type III is a great starter tool for anyone who enjoys multipurpose tools.

2. A long-lasting product

Is it important to you to have something you can count on for many years to come? You may want to consider the 7075 Billet Type III Anodized Aluminium Adaptive Solvent Trap. 

Its heavy-duty construction makes it stand out from other solvent traps. It has an anodized hard coat finish that is flat matte black and anti-corrosive. Armoury Den’s 7075 Billet Type III Anodized Aluminium Adaptive Solvent Trap solves a common problem with lower-end solvent traps due to its anti-corrosion properties.

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3. Optional configurations

There’s more to the 7075 Billet Type III than meets the eye. 

Because the 1.375-24′′ TPI tube thread is standardised, you can easily configure a variety of muzzle adaptors to give you more options during pre-cleaning configuration and cleaning. 

An aftermarket quick detach setup makes the connection and disconnection of an AR-15 or other rifle as stress-free as possible, so you can do a quick cleaning session without having to remove your flash hider.

4. Improve Your Cleaning Efficiency 

This 7075 Billet Type III Anodized Aluminium Adaptive Solvent Trap includes eight 60 degree storage cups, two common thread mounts, a tube end cap, and a sealed end cap for industry standard 1.375-24 TPI threads. 

All of these factors combined will help you minimise solvent waste and mess during cleaning.

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5. Save money while getting more 

It’s hard to resist a good bargain, isn’t it? We at make sure to give you the best value for your money. In what way? We include the 1.375-24′′ to 1.1875-24′′ TPI Adapter with the 7075 Billet Type III Anodized Aluminium Adaptive Solvent Trap when you purchase it from us.

Unlike other solvent trap vendors, Armoury Den provides the TPI adapters with the 7075 Billet Type III Anodized Aluminium Adaptive Solvent Trap Kit, so you save money and still get the highest value.