Here are some privacy shades options for your home

Privacy is one crucial factor requiring attention other than light and style.

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Choosing the right shades and blinds is the key to staying cozy and comfortable no matter what time of the day. Here are some top-rated window treatment options for privacy in your space. 

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 Roller Shades

Roller window shades top the list when it comes to adding security in style. They fit in modern and traditional décor and are available in various materials, colors, textures, and styles. Their versatility gives you the liberty to put them in any room – bathroom, bedroom, kitchen. For bedrooms, if you like a lot of natural light, we recommend using light filtering roller shades that will allow the right amount of natural light to come in, keeping you safe from the prying eyes of neighbors at night. You could even pick blackout roller shades for complete privacy – recommended for bedrooms and nurseries so that you can sleep in longer. 

For patio or sunrooms, solar shades are a great choice. The sun-resistant woven materials protect floors and furnishings and prevent onlookers from peeping into your homes. 

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Top-down, bottom-up Shades

For those homeowners who want a mix of comfort, convenience, and style in their window treatments, top-down, bottom-up shades work well. Pull them down, let the natural light brighten your day, and pull both sides back at night to rest. Such shades also cut the need for overhead lights, thus cutting your costs. 

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Woven Wood Shades

It’s time to go natural! Bring in bamboo blinds and woven wood shades to get that earthy eclectic feel for your space. They gel well in all the rooms – nurseries, bedrooms, living rooms. They are also available in many natural materials like bamboo, jute, reed, and blend materials like rattan, wicker, etc. Add an extra layer of privacy liner to strengthen the woven wood shades

Don’t just give up on privacy for style. This works the best and you can enjoy seclusion and privacy without given up on your comfort and convenience. Look out for a balance, and when in doubt, seek professional help. 


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