How to cover corner windows effectively?

Corner windows in homes are an excellent way to bring in more natural light while enjoying fantastic outside views.

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However, covering them with the right window treatment can be a challenge. 

Challenges in covering corner windows 

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If the windows span the two sides of the corner, covering with blinds will not work. Try as you might, there will be a certain amount of light coming in even though they’re fully lowered.

Here are some window treatments for covering your corner windows in style and offering functionality.

Plantation Shutters

Shutters are an excellent way to cover corner windows as they are custom designed to fit any window, size, and shape. The only critical factor to consider is to get them designed by professionals. They will make sure to custom-built shutters to match exact window dimensions. If you have a single corner window, the two sides of the frame will leave no gap when they meet inside the corner. Professional assembly is also a key; the experts adjust the unevenness so that the louvers do not bump against each other.

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You can opt for Real Wood Shutters that bring in their own charm or the Polywood shutters that are easy on the pocket. 

You can opt for expensive Real Wood Shutters, which bring their own charm, or you can choose the wallet-friendly Poly Shutters

Both options give you excellent control over light and privacy. The icing on the cake is that plantation shutters increase the value of your homes, giving your décor and windows an architectural detailing. 

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Window Shades

For a clean look, roller shades are a great choice. You can pick from roman or cellular shades but look for a custom fit as standard sizes may not fit in. Shades are also an excellent choice for the corner windows. Opt for inside mounted shades as they will fit inside the window frames and won’t touch each other. 

The most significant advantage of covering your corner windows in shades is the variety of options you get. Choose from styles, colors, patterns, and materials. 


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