The very modern and highly functional cordless window treatments

Cordless window treatments are in every year’s latest window treatment trends for many good reasons. This post will try to cover all that cordless window treatment offers for Florida homeowners. 

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We all have become quite tech savvy and not forget to upgrade our homes with latest technology driven security solutions. Then why not install or upgrade our existing window coverings with cordless window coverings. These window treatments offer safe options for homes with pets and small kids. 

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Corded shades and blinds have been an issue of concern in the past when strangulation was reported among kids and pets. US consumer safety protection and Window covering safety councils have addressed such problems. 

Opt for cordless window treatments if you have an open floor plan scheme. They create a modern and cleaner look. Clean, modern lines are in trend. Corded window blinds and shades look cluttered due to their outdated pulley systems. Cordless blinds and shades, on the other hand, offer a more streamlined look.

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If you want to up the comfort and style quotient of your room, layering is a great option. Add layers for enhancing light and privacy control with custom roman, cellular, roller, and solar shades. With cordless blinds and shades, nothing is getting in the way of opening and closing your Window.

You can pair them up with drapery and achieve a sophisticated look that is also stylish and comfortable. 

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Add motorization to your cordless blinds and shades to up the convenience factor. Imagine, at the click of the button, the blinds, and shades open and close. You can operate them from anywhere and everywhere. It is so convenient. 

Cordless blinds and shades are a fantastic combination of comfort and convenience. And there is no compromising on the styles and colors. Choose one for your home today!


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