Here’s Why it’s Essential to Paint Industrial Equipment

Industrial machinery and equipment are a significant investment for a manufacturing business. Without this valuable asset, such a business simply can’t operate. As your entire production relies on the equipment, it’s maintenance is of prime importance. 

Industrial equipment maintenance includes everything from occasional mechanical repairs to regular cleaning. Did you know painting your industrial equipment is an indispensable upkeep requirement? Depending on your equipment, painting every few years is necessary to maintain productivity and quality. If you’re unsure how frequently your equipment requires repainting, getting paint inspection surveys will eliminate the guesswork. Paint Inspection Ltd offers reliable and cost-effective Paint Inspection for a number of industries.

So how exactly does painting your machinery prolong its life? Let’s take a look.

Corrosion Prevention

Rust and corrosion can greatly damage structural integrity and functionality of machinery. Corrosion is an irreversible process that will cost your business in terms of repair, replacement and time.

Paints concocted for machinery protects it from rust and corrosion. It’s especially vital for machinery located in areas with heavy moisture. 

Enhanced Appearance

Even if your machinery is working fine, it’s dull and dingy appearance can have an adverse effect on potential clients. Yes, the visual appeal doesn’t impact the performance. But if it can help you win clients, then why not? Painting your industrial equipment makes it look new and presentable and thereby, become a better representation of your workmanship. 

Weather Resistance

Exposure to elements such as acid rain, UV rays, seaside air and moisture tarnishes your industrial equipment. Nature has the ability to deteriorate even well-designed heavy-duty machinery. With the help of specially formulated paints, you can make your machinery weather resistant. It also prevents your machinery’s surface from discolouring, peeling and cracking. 

Improved Productivity

There’s no argument that your equipment plays a key role in productivity. If you compromise with equipment maintenance, it will directly affect your productivity. Skipping this minor upkeep can prove to be costly for your organisation. Not only does paint preserve your equipment, but it also improves and maintains productivity.

Reduced Breakdowns

Frequent breakdowns can quickly make your business go south. Breakdowns halt operations and subsequently incur high repair expenses. Ensure your business doesn’t suffer because of breakdowns caused due to overlooked maintenance requirements. Regularly painting your industrial equipment will prevent breakdowns and reduce downtimes. 

Prolonged Life

As mentioned earlier, purchasing and setting up equipment is a major investment for a business. If you don’t want your machinery to dwindle before time, regular painting is non-negotiable. Proper high-quality paint coats will extend your machinery’s life and help you make the most of it in terms of productivity.

Thermal Protection

Increase in temperature is a byproduct of operating sizeable machinery. Coating your machinery with heat-resistant paint will offer thermal protection. It will also safeguard it from corrosion caused by fluctuating temperature.

Resale Value

With newer variants constantly entering the market, most equipment eventually becomes obsolete. You must upgrade your industrial equipment to stay ahead of the competition. This means selling your old equipment. But if it’s in poor condition, it won’t fetch a good price. 

Painting your industrial equipment is advantageous in the long term. It will enable you to sell it quickly and at a better rate.

Easy Maintenance

Painting your industrial equipment makes other maintenance requirements easier. For instance, it’s much easier to clean well-painted, smooth machinery than one with a rough, uneven exterior.  

Cost Savings

Instead of taking rectifying measure, painting machinery is a straightforward way to decrease your costs and maximise return on investments.

In conclusion, painting your machinery is a negligible expense when compared to the benefits it extends. So don’t neglect it!


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