Have you been trying to decide whether it’s worth buying a staple gun?  Sure, the idea of a gigantic stapler that can staple through not just paper but wood and heavy fabric too sounds awesome.  But you may be wondering what else they can be used for. 

Being a DIY enthusiast myself, I’m always looking for tools that’ll make my work easier. And from my personal experience, I can guarantee that a staple gun will definitely change your life for the better.

Staple guns will open up a whole new world of DIY projects for you. But before you decide to buy one, here’s what you need to know. 

What Can Staple Guns Be Used For?

Staple guns have countless uses around the house. Here are the most common ways you can use your new staple gun: 

#1. Flooring Work

If you need to work on the flooring of your house, there’s no need to call in the professionals. As long as you have a staple gun, you can do it yourself pretty easily.

Staple guns can be used to install carpets and re-tack them back onto the floor. What’s more, the tool even allows you to fix them onto the walls, which comes in super handy if you want to soundproof a room.

Staples are ideal for carpeting jobs like these because they don’t use as much pressure as other tools, and there’s less chance of your carpet being damaged.

But that’s not all. You can also use a staple gun to laminate floors, lay in hardwood flooring and much more! 

#2. Upholstery Projects

When there’s upholstery work to be done around the house, a staple gun will be the solution to all of your problems. For minor work, a manual staple gun will do, but for more intense projects it’s best to get a pneumatic or electric one.

Staple guns easily allow you to fix fabrics onto your furniture, without any creases. They work on various materials such as wood, foam, leather, and fabric. With some staple guns, you might even have the option to insert nails.

So if you’re thinking of skirting a table for your kids, tufting a chair, or revamping an old sofa, a staple gun is the perfect solution. 

#3. Minor Woodwork

Let’s be honest, woodworking can be quite a hassle. No matter how minor the projects are, you’ve got to drill holes and use powerful tools to get through the hard surface.

But, thankfully, someone decided to build a tool that staples through wood to make these jobs easier! And that’s exactly why the stapler gun is one of my favorites. 

You can use it to fasten paneling and replace windows and door frames much faster than you could with a drill. 

#4. Decorative Purposes

A staple gun is an essential tool for every DIYer who likes to delve into the more advanced side of the crafting world.

There are many ways staple guns can be used for decoration. With this tool, you can create a frame for your art in no time. You can also make sure your kids’ party decorations stay secure, even on a windy day. 

Another great craft you can make is this Pinterest-inspired photo board. So, if you’re thinking of redesigning your living space or getting creative with crafts, it’s wise to invest in a staple gun.

#5. Construction Work

A staple gun can be used for construction too. Of course, you’ll need much more powerful tools for the heavy stuff. But if you’re making something light, like a birdhouse or a scratch post for your cat, this tool will be really useful.

Sometimes, heavy-duty staple guns can be used in larger projects as well, particularly for fastening jobs. These can include fixing ceiling tiles, foam and padding, wires and screening too.

You can also ditch the hammer and nails and use a staple gun to construct your gardens fence and the growth support frames for your plants.

Different Types of Staple Guns

Now that you’re aware of just how handy a staple gun is, let’s 

delve into the different kinds of staple guns available on the market.

Not all staple guns can be used for the same job. They all cater to specific jobs, and the best ones will always make your work more efficient.

While there are plenty of different varieties of staple guns, here are the three main types:

#1. Manual Staple Guns

As its name suggests, the manual gun involves a lot of manual labor. You’ll have to fill up the staple wire and do the staple action yourself. These staple guns don’t require a power source in order to work and you can load the staples easily.

However, using a manual does involve a lot of strength and effort on your part. There’s also a chance that the staples might get jammed while you’re in the middle of a very important task. 

That’s why manual staple guns are usually used for the less intense housework, upholstering, and crafts. 

#2. Electric Staple Guns

Electric staple guns rely on batteries or electricity to function and they’re much easier on the arms. By simply pressing on the gun, you can staple at a much faster rate. 

These staple guns are, however, more expensive and ideal for someone with an accurate aim. It’s the perfect choice for using on larger projects like carpeting and flooring.

#3. Pneumatic Staple Guns

Pneumatic staple guns are the most powerful of the lot. They’re used for heavy-duty work. 

They’re also very versatile and can be used with nails and tacks, along with staples. However, they are quite noisy and are typically used for large manufacturing and construction projects. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have it – some perfectly compelling reasons to get a staple gun. 

If you’re DIYer, it’s definitely a good investment. Staple guns can make certain tasks much simpler and less time-consuming. This simple tool will also let you do the easy fixes and repairs around your house, without having to spend money on calling the professionals.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to bring your staple gun home!


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