Hi.LO, a Modern Concept of Measuring Your Blood Pressure

Diana Dumitrescu is a young industrial designer from Romania we recently discovered and whose interesting projects grab our attention in a very pleasant way. With a passion for product design, Diana likes to experiment the edges of what’s possible or accepted in design, and creates awesome and futuristic design concepts. For example, she came up with a cool idea on how should look like the well known blood pressure system we all use on a regular basis to monitor our health.


Generally speaking, few medical accessories make you feel comfortable and give you a friendly-feeling, so talking about their designs is practically useless because in a way or another they all look quite the same. That’s why we loved Diana Dumitrescu’s wireless blood pressure system and wanted to share with you guys some photos with it. Although it’s just a concept made for a client, who knows, maybe in a not so far future, will be more than just a good-looking health gadget. Hi.LO combines the basic principles of the blood pressure measuring system with smartphone technology in one modern device that anyone can use.

It consists of a blood pressure bracelet wired to a smartphone, along with a free Hi.LO app, which users will run on their chosen device to measure their systolic and diastolic blood pressure and heart rate. All you have to do is to install the app on your smartphone, attach the bracelet on your brachial (arm) artery and wait for the wireless connection. With a modern, sleek design and a variaty of appealing colors, Hi.LO is a attractive  blood pressure system, which comes to replace the ordinary ones you are familiar with. The interesting thing and fun in the same time is that, it does not look at all like a medical device which makes users get rid of stress and fear very often associated with such kind of accessories.






Photos source @behance.net


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