Adorable Cat Nap Cocoon with Colorful Design

We always enjoy discovering new and interesting designs made especially for our beloved pets, and if a few days before we showed you a modern suspended house for your cats, this time an adorable cocoon for them grab our attention. Created by graphic designer Vaiva Nat, “Cat Nap Cocoon” as it is called is a cute, versatile piece for your endless cat naps. Unique, with a round and playful design which resembles a napkin or a bubble, the cocoon can adapt to all sleeping preferences of cats.


Knowing the fact that cats are naturally attracted by the wool odor, it’s handmade of 100% felted wool and features a hole as an entrance, which can be modified according to the size of your cat. If your cat prefers a larger opening, then the design allows for hand cutting the entrance hole. It can be flattened out to sit like an usual cat bed or popped up to be a safe retreat. Soft and wooly when you touch it, the “Cat Nap Cocoon” can be really nice bed where your cat will feel warm and cozy all day long. Besides that, it comes in a great various colors combinations and shades, which is awesome because it allows you to choose it to be suitable with your room interior design. Check out Vaiva Nat wonderful designs!





 Photos © Vaiva Nat


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