Concrete Occasional Tables with Original Design

Intriguing and unusual, these concrete occasional tables, envisioned by talented designers from Souda designs, are really something that grab your attention from the very first moment, and if you are a fan of industrial design, then you will certainly find the Kreten side tables original and attractive. Designed and manufactured in Brooklyn, New York, the Kreten tables are an interesting take on the regular wooden tables,  the details making it look particularly odd and fun.


The idea of creating such furniture pieces started as an exploration into the omnipresence of concrete in our built environment and its predominance in many industrial applications, fact that led to the perception that concret is a cold, lifeless material. The result is a surprising mixture of fluid design inspired by tree trunks that looks nice and fresh in home interior, being as uniquely expressive as they are well-crafted.

Thinking how was possible to achieve such forms? Well, trhough a  concrete molding process: each table was individually formed in a rubberized-fabric that is stretched over an armature, then filled with fiberglass reinforced concrete. Combining the weight of the concrete and the stretch of the fabric, it came out their organic shape, unique, simple yet strong, quite different from each other. Various finishes were given at the end of the design process.





Photos © Souda & Courtney Reagor

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