Modern Wall Mounted House for Cats by Mojorno

Pet owners know best is not very easy to find furniture for their smallest friends that is fashionable and fits their home’s décor as well. Besides that, there are also some other things to consider when buying a house for your pet such as durability, safety for other family members, materials that should be non toxic, etc. Russian industrial designer Ilshat Garipov from Mojorno came up with a creative, fun and modern solution for cats to lounge and sleep: Catissa.


A sample of the modern architecture for cats, Catissa is an awesome wall mounted cat tree designed to gives your cats their own area to call home without disturbing the interior look of your home. Unlike other furniture pieces for cats, this four-storey house consists of solidwood modular cubes which can be placed on the wall, just below the ceiling, where your cath can reach using the little ladder that comes along with the cubes. This smart idea of installing the cats’ house at height not only creates a safe place for them where children and dogs can’t get them, but also leaves your room available for other important furniture pieces you might want to have.

Each cube has a soft pillow inside in order to create a cozy place for your cats’ sleep, pillows that are very easy to remove and wash. Catissa’s minimalistic design will complement any contemporary interior, and thinking that it comes also in various color combinations makes it a powerful eye-catching object in your room. What do you think, do you like it?


Photos © Mojorno

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