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In the era of modern technologies and advanced home utility solutions, hi-tech gadgets and devices have become a norm, no longer an option. We have smart air-conditioning, smartphones, smart watches and even smart window blinds – sooner or later, our entire homes will become smart and button-operated whether we like it or not. If you’re one of those who likes the idea of intelligence in household appliances, we have a few amazing devices right here to add a dash of fun to your everyday life.

Look into the future: Clever blinds and windows

If pulling up your blinds manually is not something you consider worthy of your time and effort, try intelligent blinds. Remotely controlled by a simple press of a button, most advanced smart blind systems come with pre-set automatic shedules and configurations so keeping your home optimaly lit and safe from UV rays becomes a piece of cake.

Or, if you’re not a big fan of blinds, try electrochromic glass: these clever and eco-friendly electrically operated panes change and adjust colors when exposed to electrical voltage, so your home will get all the sun protection, security and privacy you so much crave, no strings attached.

Free to go: Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Systems

And come to think of strings and cords, the contemporary tendency toward all things wireless has taken on its true form in Bluetooth speaker systems. Available in thousands of shapes, sizes and function configurations, smart boomboxes offer tons of music, entertainment and fun on the go – and in your home, should you feel like it.

Some innovative wireless speakers also add a few useful features to the standard modes, so you’ll find function combos like shower speakers or even speakers with accelerometers, microphones and light sensors – now that’s more functionality than any gadget-lover could ever dream of back in the ‘80s.4

Temperature at its best: Smart heating systems

If you ever came back to a chilly home and had to shiver and move around until your heater reached optimum indoor temperature, you know just how obnoxious poor heating systems can get. But times and changing – and heating systems follow the trend too, so now you can actually get your paws thawed well and fast with the introduction of new smart heaters.

Some intelligent heating systems allow you to remotely control the temperature in your home via smartphone applications and you can even decide to adjust the heating in each of the rooms separately by a simple tap of the screen. Say goodbye to the common cold – in the age of all things smart, your home can stay warm, safe and comfy at all times, even when you’re not there to turn on the heating system.

Safety first and foremost: Intelligent home monitors

As for safety, that too is one of critical points that easily gets overlooked in the modern times. As we all know, the number of thefts and break-ins is on a constant increase in the times of global economic crisis and high unemployment, so taking the safety and security of your own hands is a mighty good idea. Thanks to the innovative monitoring systems, you can choose from a range of smart home monitors and keep an eye out on your premises 24/7 from any place in the world via direct video links and live streaming capabilities of some indoor CCTV and monitoring systems.1(1)

Fun for all generations: Smart TVs and home theatres

After a hard day’s work, there’s no better feeling than kicking off your shoes, grabbing a can of beer and turning on the telly, right? Well, with the number of stunning home theatre and smart TV systems constantly multiplying on the global market, you can now enjoy a real cinema-like TV experience whether you’re watching your favorite show, gaming or listening to music. If you’re looking for home theatre systems in Sydney, you can always contact the experts to sort it out for you.2

Are you ready for the future of tech? You’d better be, because smart devices and gadgets are already crowding the global market and it won’t be long before futuristic-looking homes with all the ins and ends become commonplace instead of prestigious.


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