Home Buying Digitized: 5 Platforms That Are Changing The Way We Buy Houses And Land

Shopping for a new house either to buy outright or to rent can be energy-sapping and also time-consuming.

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Most people looking to buy new houses usually have to do journeys to the prospective option. They check the neighborhood to make sure there are good hospitals around, and good schools for the children if any. The ease of navigation into and out of the environment is also important and one of the things the prospective buyer wants to check. All these stressful processes make people want to go for the use of home-buying apps. Let us look at some of the best home-buying apps out there and some other technologies that make buying a home easier.

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This is the most popular real estate app. It is widely used and accepted because of its wide scope. It has its own homes, and also the largest property inventory. If you are looking for one of the largest filter lists, you can get that on Zillow. Users have access to over 100 million homes. You also get the opportunity to tour the Zillow-owned houses without a prior appointment or an agent. This is because the houses can be unlocked with the app. There is a range of houses that can be found there whether for your own or for setting up for rent. Once you find the right one, you will be ready to sign up for the rental contract


Lotmix is another platform that offers practically all that the Zillow app offers. Lotmix is more than a standard home search site, they are also a nationwide real estate agency. With their full-service staff and agents who will work with you to find your perfect house or land package for sale! All you need to do is to sign up on their website, choose your favorite builders, and then review your build options. Lotmix is a real estate agent with top customer service that seeks to make sure all customers are happy. With this focus on satisfaction, you can trust your investment in property will go smoothly because at least one expert has been dedicated specifically to making you happy!

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Use of drone photography to get a bird’s eye view

The National Association of Realtors revealed through studies that getting over-the-top views of home options using drones has proved effective in making the right choice. Many prospective house buyers and those looking to rent are now making use of this technology. Instead of struggling to picture how a large property would be in your head, you can see the unusual features of the home in all its splendor from the sky. Drone images are more effective for estate properties. These pictures are usually available on most real estate apps and it is a technology that is making touring of house options easier these days.


Redfin is one of the real estate brokerage firms that created an app to help them attain national scale and restructure the buying and selling process. The app which is also called redfin is one of the best choices that uses fantastic technology with actual redfin real estate agents and customer service employees to keep the human element in the process. The app allows you to customize your house searches and draw a radius on the platform’s map. With the app, you can also get an accurate estimation of home values since much of the data is driven by realtor listings. If you buy from a Redfin agent, Redfin will give you a percentage of their commission which the seller avails them.

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Social media platforms

All social media platforms support the sharing of files like pictures and videos. So, with more than 60% of the world’s populace on one social media platform or the other, it is no surprise that it is now one of the common platforms changing the way we buy houses and lands. A good number of realtors these days use one or more of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to publicize their businesses. The realtors sign up on these platforms with the name of their companies. On their pages, there are usually links leading to their websites to show you different options of houses. 

Some of the very best options around the countries they cover can be displayed in pictures and videos on social media. Picking a particular option from different options could be a difficult task so some prospective home buyers may not be prepared to go through a sea of options and may just make do with the fewer pictures displayed on the companies’ social media pages. For some buyers, it is important that they can find a sustainable house or choose one that is convenient for eco-friendly home renovations. 

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Trulia is another app for home buyers. It is the best option for home values because it gives more information about what goes into a home value than any other app. About half of the Trulia home values were within 5% of the eventual selling price and more than 80% of this figure were within 20% of the eventual selling price. The app displays local pieces of information like schools, hospitals, and the neighborhood. It alerts prospective buyers of new options added to the market that fit their needs. There is pre-qualified financing and a calculator on the app too.

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Final Word

The stress involved in the process of buying a new home is a lot and the digitization of home-buying is put in place to alleviate it. Instead of going to do tours at every option you are presented with, you can now have a look at videos of those options by sitting in your home. After you arrive at a decision, you can make the trip to check just this option or the few options you have narrowed your search to. Buying and other documentation are also easier with these digitized platforms.


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