Keeping it Old School With Werzalit Table Tops

There is a general perception among people in all walks of life that newer automatically means better.

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This is definitely something that applies to things like technology, but it is important to note that it’s not necessarily the case in other areas. For example, furniture has been made in similar ways for hundreds of years, and while mechanization has certainly improved the speed at which it can be created that doesn’t mean innovations that were thought of in the past few years will be superior to how things were done some decades ago.

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If you take a look at the average restaurant, many of them tend to go for styles that evoke a feeling of nostalgia. In fact, nostalgia is one of the most powerful things that you can start to take advantage of when you open up a restaurant. After all, most people are susceptible to the pull of days gone by, and if they feel a sense of nostalgia from your restaurant chairs or tables or from the overall décor, this might incite a powerful response from their subconscious that they may not even fully understand but which would regardless make them want to keep coming back to your restaurant time and time again.

What if we told you that there is a specific type of patio furniture that you can place in your restaurant’s outdoor seating area that very effectively uses nostalgia to build a reputation for you? This material is called Werzalit, and the first thing that you should know about it is that it has been used in patio furniture for nearly a century. What’s more is that its consistent usage has meant that members of every generation currently still alive will likely have fond memories attached to it.

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However, you shouldn’t take this to mean that Werzalit tabletops are only used these days because of their nostalgia value. Quite on the contrary, the main reason why this kind of material is still used in restaurants to this very day is that it still has several advantages associated with it that would be difficult if not downright impossible to pass up. In order to understand these benefits, we must first understand what Werzalit actually is. This can help us to contextualize how it can be used to improve a restaurant’s ability to function effectively.

To put it simply, Werzalit is a term used to describe a compressed material that comprises various woods, along with their resins which can form an important component of this substance on occasion. Melamine is also incorporated into the finished product which adds a bit more durability to the material, thereby making it a sturdy enough composite for all kinds of furniture related needs. Melamine is a very light substance that is naturally resistant to fire which lends a level of durability that makes Werzalit well suited to the demands of modern restaurant owners and their customers as well.

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Another advantage of melamine is that it is a food safe plastic. This is essential for restaurants for obvious reasons. You need to use food safe materials in all of your furniture because there’s a high chance that a customer might drop a piece of food on the table and subsequently pick it up to eat it. If this ever occurs, any toxicity in the materials used while constructing the piece of furniture might cause sickness and ill health. Hence, Werzalit provides an adequate level of food safety along with all of the various other benefits that get associated with it.

Now that we have told you how Werzalit is made and what it’s comprised of, it’s time to discuss why furniture that’s made with it can be such a useful addition to your eatery’s overall layout. It’s incredibly resistant to water because there are no porous layers for liquids to seep into. This makes it suitable for restaurants because you can never be certain that a clumsy customer might spill their drink all along your table. If it’s made with Werzalit, your customers can be as clumsy as they like without causing any damage to your furniture at all.

Werzalit tables for restaurants are also just generally quite durable. They don’t get scratched all that easily, nor are they susceptible to heat damage and the like. Outdoor seating arrangements can particularly benefit from these qualities because Werzalit tables won’t be prone to getting ruined if it rains or if the hot sun continuously beats down on them. In fact, Werzalit can tolerate temperatures of up to 180 degrees Celsius, so there is no chance at all that hot food or a dropped cigarette could leave scorch or burn marks on the table’s surface.

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Smoking is a traditional aspect of outdoor dining, and eventually one of your customers might drop the burning ember on your chairs and tables. This will usually leave a mark that can be quite difficult to get rid of, so it’s great that you have a material like Werzalit that is specifically designed to withstand these kinds of accidents.

To top it all off, Werzalit manages to provide an admirable level of durability without becoming excessively heavy. It would be great if you could buy furniture that is relatively light, but this sometimes comes at the expense of durability. The fact that Werzalit balances both of these requirements so effectively is a major contributor to its enduring popularity. These advantages coupled with the nostalgia value of such a material make it an ideal choice for restaurant owners, and you would be better off if you ensured that you had at least some furniture that’s made with this substance.


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