Hooper Table to Enjoy Outdoors by Extremis

Displaying a familiar, yet innovative design, Hooper Table embodies the love for “togetherness”, playing a role of social bonding. Designed by Dirk Wynants from Extremis, Hooper Table is inspired by the hop and beer culture characteristic to Westhoek region (where Extremis has its headquarters) and by Bruegel paintings which show people gathering to party, enjoy a meal or a drink.

This good-looking long table is similar to traditional picnic tables which everyone knows, but showcasing an interesting original design with an extra comfort which makes it a great piece of outdoor furniture. Its slanted legs and tabletop edges are those which give it a modern and appealing look that visually capture your interest.


Available in four sizes (seating four, six, eight, or ten people), they are made o FSC labelled hardwood (Iroko), galvanised steel for the frame and the legs, which are also available in powder coated aluminium (white, red, and earth colour). Iroko wood has the advantage that you can make each tabletop segment from a single piece of wood. It has won 6 awards till now:  an Interior Innovation Award (Germany), a Red Dot Award (Germany), an IDEA award (USA), a Henry van de Velde label (Belgium), and a MD award (Germany), Hopper has now also been awarded an iF award (Germany) .






 Photos: © Extremis.

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