Small Furniture Piece with Multiple Functions: Dado by Serralunga

Magazine rack and coffee table combined in a practical solution in the Dado small furniture piece. Dado is the ideal object for those who want to elegantly have a piece of furniture with multiple functions. Characterized by simplicity and versatility, it was designed by Fabio Bortolani and Ermanno Righi for Serralunga, being part of the new collection for 2012.


 Dado blends with various environments depending on the finishes you choose. You can opt for natural finish or a more sophisticated version in a lacquered finish. Designers compare this small furniture piece with „balsamic vinegar, you can put it everywhere, even on ice cream”, because it can be used both indoor and outdoor. The slot which is made to accommodate magazines and  books has a small outlet that allows water to pass through, so it can stay outdoors all of summer.

orange-and-black-magazine-rack-coffee-table-by Serralunga



 Photos: © Serralunga.



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