House Waste Clearance Tips during Covid-19

Staying at home during the Covid-19 has gotten many into a decluttering and cleaning spree.

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Even so, getting rid of all that waste is a challenge. Don’t expect generic waste management ideas in this guide. We hate waste, and we hate wasting time. Read this guide till the end to find out how you can get rid of your waste in an efficient and responsible manner.

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1.     Donate What You Didn’t Use in the Last 90 Days

If you have unused clothes piled up in your wardrobe or unused furniture eating up all your space, donating furniture is a great option. Brighten your home and someone’s life at the same time. If you wish to donate, these three charities are a great option for you:

BHF: Here, you can donate clothes, books, DVDs, accessories, toys, mirrors, vases, etc. Book a pick-up using this link:

Little Lives UK: Little Lives UK collects children’s apparel and homeware. You can also donate phones, tablets, and accessories. Little Lives has great reviews and offers prompt pick up services.

Barnardo’s: Besides traditional items, you can also donate items like sofas, shelves, gadgets, etc. They are currently collecting donations for free from all over Europe.

2.       Order a Skip Bag

Skip bags are a lightweight and spacious option in which you can store your waste. One skip bag has the capacity of holding up to three times the amount of waste contained in a wheelie bin. It can hold 10-15 times what a bin bag can hold.

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If you are planning to clear out your shed or garage, a skip bag is the most convenient and affordable option for you.

3.       Dig A Compost Pit For Your Garden Waste

Compost pits are very easy to make and will be done in half an hour. Here is how you can make one easily.

  • Dig a shallow hole in your backyard.
  • Fill the hole with your garden waste like leaves and weeds. You can also mix in some of your kitchen waste like banana peels and apple cores.
  • If you do not wish to fill it up at once, cover it with a wooden board that you can remove whenever you want. Once the hole is full, cover it up with soil.
  • Simply leave it there. The decomposition of organic waste takes 1-3 months, depending on the weather. Typically, your compost should be ready in about three months. If you wish to speed up the process, water the pit every two days. You can plant a tree right over the compost pit. You can also dig up the compost and use it as a natural fertilizer for your garden.

4.      Know Your wastes, Particularly If It’s Either “Infectious” Or “Potentially Infectious”

Infectious waste: Your household has infectious waste if you have a patient at your home suffering from a contagious disease like pox, measles, or Covid-19. Store all the waste safely in bin bags or a skip bag. Store it safely until 14 days after the patient recovers. After that, tape it up and label it. Contact the local authorities so that they can collect it from you.

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Potentially-infectious waste: Have you been stepping out of the house for your job or errands? If so, the disposable masks and PPEs you use could be a potential hazard. To dispose of them safely, double bag and spray the bag(s) with surface cleaner.

5.       Sort Your Waste

If you have followed all the tips above, this is what you can do with the rest of your waste products. Make two bins – one for recyclable waste and the other for non-recyclable waste. You can also buy a duo bin having two compartments. They also come in color-coded versions. Buy one at a local supermarket.

6.       Follow The Three Rs of Sustainable Waste Management

Reduce the amount of waste you produce. Buy larger amounts of the products you need every day like cereals, grains, and pulses. Doing so will reduce the waste generated from discarded packaging. There are sustainable alternatives to many essential products which are environmental hazards, like sanitary napkins. Instead of spending on them every month, invest in a menstrual cup. They don’t make a mess, keep you going all day long, and are very affordable.

Reuse items like glass bottles, empty glass jars, takeout containers, bathroom items, and old furniture. You can use chipped bowls to plant trees, empty glass jars to store spices, and used brushes to clean hard to reach spots. Be innovative, not wasteful.

Recycle items like used paper and clothes. If you are a DIY person, you can make an array of pretty items like lampshades, pen-holders, and even mobile covers from paper mache. Or you can sew together pieces of those torn clothes to make a pretty patchwork shawl or scarf.

7.       Hire a Waste Management Company If It’s Too Much For You

If you hire a waste management company, you don’t have to worry about junk piling up in your compound or backyard. These are some reasons why hiring professional waste management is worth it:

One recommended company would be the House Clearance Essex. They are fast, efficient, and flexible and can carry out a house clearance service 7 days a week. This is especially great for people with busy schedules. 

Low-cost: There are a lot of professional waste management companies out there who provide quality service for minimal costing. You can make budget plans on a monthly or yearly basis.

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Reliability: If you hire a company, the workers will be professionals who would not need any supervision at all. You can devote the time you would have spent worrying about the trash to your professional or creative endeavours.

Professionals: Professionals in waste-management services know how to treat each form of waste in the right way so that it does not contaminate land or water resources. Make sure that the company you choose has decided to go green.

Junk Bunk is a great option to consider for house clearance in London. Its services are fast, hassle-free, and reliable. If you’re in London, call Junk Bunk for your waste clearance.


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