How to Choose the Right Bed for Your Bedroom

They say the bedroom is an essential room in the house; it is where we wind down and relax, making your bed the most important furniture. Beds are often the focus of a bedroom because it is usually the largest piece of furniture that goes inside. As a result, it makes designing the bedroom a complicated but yet an important aspect; as the theme, hues and colour show your personality and style. Below are tips on how to choose the right bed for your bedroom.

Your Current Space

Before you go shopping for a bed, figure out the maximum amount of space your bed can take up. You need adequate space to walk through the room, open closet doors and drawers, and place other furnishings. So, don’t make your bed too big. Turning the bed sideways along a wall adds to the floor space.

Types of Beds to Explore

The type of bed you choose to have for your room makes a significant impact as well.

  • Platform Bed

Platform beds are a mid-century modern design which is low off the ground so you’ll have to buy risers if you need room for storage underneath your bed.

  • Canopy Beds

Canopy beds and four-poster beds that feature four poles at each corner of the bed connected by four beams. Sleigh beds have a large, arched headboard and typically a smaller arched footboard. A trundle bed is simply a bed that has a pull-out bed underneath it. Murphy beds are stored vertically when not in use, and fold down from the wall when needed.

  • Day Bed

A day bed is a twin-sized bed that can double as a sofa. It works excellent in narrow rooms, as the long side of the bed is supposed to go against a wall.

  • Bunk Beds

The bunk-bed was built to accommodate children in two twin-sized beds, one on top of the other.

  • Loft Bed

The loft bed, instead of featuring a second bed on the lower level, it has either an empty space or an attached desk.

The Headboard Sets the Tone

Your headboard is the most significant part of your bed that’s visible; it immediately complements your current theme, so how about going for a wooden headboard. Wooden headboards go with almost any bedroom theme. Consider getting a dark coloured board, especially from pine or oak; it will make the bed look rich and give your current theme an edgy look.

If you like having upholstered material as a softer base, the material can be anything from linen to cotton to velvet, all of which have their distinct looks.

Bedding to Complement the Finished Look

Bedding can have all sorts of fabric to them. Apart from velvet to linen, cotton is the most basic look. It is the cheapest and breathes the best.

Choose solid colours for your bedsheets to create a more soothing appearance. Get some matching pillows, cushions, and sheets to present a unified colour scheme.


It is best to match your décor by picking out the right headboard, frame, footboard, and linen. Add stacks of pillows to complete the look. Take a moment to imagine the look of your bedroom before you decide whether to build your bed from the ground up or by getting a bedding set.


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