How a Wellbeing Focus Could Reshape the Workplace

According to a 2021 report from the American Psychological Association, 40% of workers are looking forward to resigning from their current jobs.

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This is a significant increase from 33% in 2019. Going by this rate, there is a very high possibility for workplaces to face problems like staff shortage. The APA project also revealed that most people who want to quit their job do so because they feel tired and stressed out at the end of every workday. These workers spend a large part of their day at work facing high levels of stress, poor communication (from colleagues, clients, and superiors), too much computer time, financial constraints, and so on. A focus on employees’ well-being can help avoid these issues and reshape the workplace to a large extent. Here are a few ways that improved well-being of workers can benefit the workplace. 

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  1. Visionary Attitude: Paying attention to the well-being of workers will help business owners become proactive before embarking on any project. How? You understand that the well-being of the staff involved in a project will play a significant role in the success of the project. Knowing this, you can check in with your staff to see if they are going through challenges that may affect their performance. You also want to see if they need any resources to provide their best. When this is resolved, you are confident that everyone is prepped and ready to be productive. When you check in with workers to make sure they are comfortable, they can even work right from a coworking space and still match the performance of those in the office. 
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  1. Physical Health: When employees are not healthy, it is almost impossible to be productive. Sometimes, they have to take time off work to take care of themselves, and that’s the bad news. The good thing about these illnesses is that they can be prevented most of the time. Employers ought to find a way to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle without intruding too much in their personal life. An excellent way to do this is to make fruits and healthy snacks available at work. Fitness sessions during lunchtime or weekends can also be encouraged. Studies have shown that people who smoke tend to be more absent from work than those who don’t, and people with obesity are more likely to fall sick than others. Ensuring that workers are physically healthy does not only make you a great employer. It also fosters productivity in the workplace. 
  2. Mental Health: Mental and physical health go hand in hand. The issue of mental health is now prominent, and surveys have revealed that at least 25% of people in a workplace suffer from one mental illness. It would be helpful if employers identify people going through a mental issue and help them get over it. People who have mental illness tend to be moody, unproductive, and give off negative energy at work. When employers pay attention to staff well-being, mental issues can be dealt with, and productivity levels will increase. 
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  1. Morale: A workplace where everyone’s wellbeing matters is a workplace where everyone is happy and motivated to work. This positive energy from workers will reflect in productivity, and the workers become more comfortable when their input results in a high yield. A focus on wellbeing shows workers that you care about them. This little effort will make them care about your business and become more interested in their work.
  2. Talent Attraction: A focus on well-being can be an advantage that puts you ahead of your competitors when scouting for talents. Job seekers who know that their wellbeing will not be neglected under your umbrella will be more willing to work in your company than anywhere else. This means that you can get the best talents in your team by a focus on wellbeing. People want to go where they feel like they matter. Somewhere where they can feel secure, and a wellbeing focus will not only help you poach new employees. It will also help you keep the talents that you already have. 
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The growth of a company is mainly dependent on the workers’ efforts in the company. When business owners learn to treat their workers the right way, they will return the favor by treating the business the right way. Paying attention to well-being is one of those little things that matter a lot, and as a business owner, it would be best to embrace a well-being strategy in your business. 


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