How to show the client that you are the best translation agency

In a crowded market for translation services, it can be difficult for a potential customer to know who to choose.

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If you are the manager of a small translation agency or a freelance translator, you are in fact the owner of a small business. If you can’t explain the features and benefits of your service, who will? What can you tell a client about your benefits to convince them to use your services?


Professional translators usually translate into their native language. Translation is more than just the ability to speak two languages. To become a good translator, it is not enough to speak two languages ​​or be a language teacher. Professionals work only in their native language. Use the fact that your translators only translate into their own language as an argument in favour of choosing your services. This will set you apart from the general background of the market.

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I said that translation is more than the ability to speak two languages. But what do I mean? I mean that professional translators often studied the art of translation not only in high school, but also in graduate school. Most professional translators have a master’s or PhD degree. Some choose a different path and get a translation diploma in a good language university.


If a translator has been working in a certain area for many years, he may have special qualifications confirming the relevant knowledge. For example, some engineers move into best certified translators from the industry in which they worked and have a professional education.

For example, a friend of mine studied architecture, worked in construction for many years, and has language skills. At some point in his life, he decided to change his profession and now performs translations in the very specific field of knowledge in which he has excellent experience. Obviously, such knowledge is of great interest to the client. They demonstrate expertise not only in translation, but also in a specific area of ​​the industry.

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How to convince the client that the text you give him is of good quality? How to convince him of the quality of your work in addition to demonstrating diplomas and certificates. What quality assurance systems does your translation agency use? All professional translators have systems and checks in place to ensure quality. But do your customers know about it? Do you explain how to ensure quality in your marketing?

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We live in an interconnected world. The most active professional translators, to one degree or another, have their own profiles on the Internet. And any customer who wants to receive a translation will use this information before deciding on an order. Often a buyer finds you on the recommendation of former clients. But before they decide to part with their money, they want to make sure they can trust you. The translator’s reputation precedes you. Do you have a website on the Internet? Social media page? Anal on YouTube? Do you communicate professionally with other colleagues? If you’re creating useful content or blogging, how up to date are your posts? After all, your websites and social networks allow you to look professional and earn the trust of customers.

How to get customers’ attention on your social media accounts

Start posting your content on your chosen social media platforms and you will notice that your customers are looking at your profile more and more. The reason for this is that many people trust social media more than websites, and since they see the likes and comments of other users, this reaction will greatly affect how others see your services.

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If you constantly communicate with your target audience, it will be much easier for you to convince them to order from you. When you maintain relationships with your potential and existing customers, they feel your interest and are motivated to purchase your service.

Of course, maintaining constant communication is not an easy task. One of the most convenient ways to do this is email marketing.


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