How Can You Prepare To Pass Your Electrical Inspection In Chicago

Passing an electrical inspection is a required safety precaution as well as an important step to ensure the safety of everyone living in the house.

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If you have recently undergone any electrical work in your facility then it is important to have an inspection done on all areas the work has been done. The inspection will help you to find out if the work was done properly and if anything further needs to be done. This is also necessary to find out the source of an electrical problem that you may be experiencing. Also, if you need to get some electrical work done, you can have an inspection to determine the type of work needed.

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You must pass this electrical inspection so we have gathered a few tips to help you prepare and pass the electrical inspection if you are living in the greater Chicago area.

When Is It Required To Have An Electrical Inspection

First, let’s find out the scenarios that would prompt an electrical inspection of your facility in Chicago. Normally, an electrical inspection is needed if you are buying a new home, or listing your old home for sale, if you constantly face electrical problems in your home, if one of your switches become unresponsive if your home is older than 40 years, if you are having light or other appliances configured, or if your homeowner’s insurance policy provider requires you to have an inspection done. 

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Also, if you are getting any electrical work done and are unsure if any inspection needs to be carried out, discuss with the electrician or contractor to get an expert opinion. There are plenty of experienced electricians in Chicago IL who will be able to give you sound advice and perform a top-notch electrical inspection when required.  

How To Pass An Electrical Safety Inspection

Once you have determined the need for an inspection, next you need to know how to prepare properly so you can pass the inspection. Here are a few tips:

Check Your Wirings

Check to see if all your wires are working as they should be, this is one of the first things you need to check before getting an inspection done. If any of the wires are faulty, they can start a fire and must be replaced immediately. If you want to ensure complete safety and the best functionality of your home electric system then it will be better to replace the old wires and get new ones. 

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Lighting and Switch Fixtures Must Be Placed Properly

The light switch is normally installed next to the doorways so that people can easily turn on the light when they step into the bedroom or living room. Having them near the doorways is also a regulation that enables you to pass the electrical inspections, among other things. One more thing that will be inspected is how you have placed the light fixtures around your house. For instance, the lights around your staircases or hallways should not cast a shadow, which can cause an accident.

Make Sure Your Kitchen Has Enough Electrical Outlets

You have most electrical appliances placed in your kitchen and sometimes have several of them running simultaneously. This is why it makes sense to have many outlets in your kitchen. Plugging in and running multiple appliances in the same socket at the same time can cause the electrical system to overload and your electrical inspector will warn you against doing that. So it is important to have sufficient outlets in the kitchen to pass the electrical safety inspection. 

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Make Sure To Have A Well Lit Bathroom

Your bathroom is commonplace for a thorough inspection. You must ensure that all the electrical sockets and fixtures have been properly insulated and are far from the water. The lights inside the bathroom should be resistant to moisture and must be covered with a lens for safety.

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Install Junction Boxes

You must install junction boxes in your home so to prevent electrical fires from breaking out. You can choose from several different shapes and sizes of boxes so that all the wiring in your facility can be accommodated. You must place the junction boxes in such a manner so that they can be visible to the naked eye and is easily accessible.

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To establish solid connections easily the wiring inside the boxes should be at a minimum length of 6 inches.  You must also ensure to clamp any loose wires on to the box so that they do not move around, as it is not permissible to have any loose wiring inside the junction boxes.

Make Sure to Secure All Cables

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It is highly unsafe to have any cables laying loose anywhere inside the house. Hence, you must ensure to have all the exposed cables enclosed in their proper conduits. You will also need to see that the conduit is mounted securely. 

Additional Technical Issues

Apart from the above-mentioned points, some additional technical issues will be inspected by the electrical inspector. You will probably need an expert to fix these issues, but you need to know what to look out for as well to avoid any accidents. You need to look out for issues such as water intrusion, connections that are not fitted properly, corrosion, missing or broken breakers inside the electrical panel, defects in the wires, and so on.

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Keep All Required Documents Handy

An easy way to fail in an electrical inspection is not being able to produce the required important documents. Before you can schedule an electrical inspection in the Chicago area, you need to gather all the required documents and make sure they are up to date and accurate. 

You need to follow the above-mentioned instructions and guidelines that your electrician gives you to ensure that you pass the electrical inspection of your property in Chicago. You should check to see the authenticity of the inspector’s credentials before allowing them to check your property. If any discrepancies are found, you will be allowed a specific time in which you will need to rectify them. So get well prepared for the inspection and best of luck on passing it the first time.


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