How Composite Decking Can Transform Your Garden

When it comes to updating your outdoor space, decking is one of the most versatile landscaping materials available. In this article, we explore some of the ways in which even the smallest amount of decking can truly transform your garden into a restful retreat you can enjoy all summer long.

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Transform your garden the easy way 

Where home improvements are concerned, sometimes the simplest change can make the biggest difference. It’s not always the case that landscaping has to cost all of your time, money, and energy. The fact is that even installing a small and simple deck can visually enhance your garden, and possibly even add value to your house.

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If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your garden this year, building a beautiful deck could be just the upgrade you’re after. 

The perfect place to relax 

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Whether you’ve got your heart set on a wide, spanning decking area complete with all the trimmings, or a quaint little solo chill zone, a deck is the perfect solution for some laidback outdoor living.

When visualising or implementing your deck decoration, consider the following factors. 

Seating and dining

Decks are ideal for al fresco dining, so why not consider including some dedicated dining furniture? A lightweight table and compact chairs can be handy if you want to tidy them away and use the deck for other things when not eating. 

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Alternatively, some nice patio benches, a sprawling garden sofa, or a hanging egg chair are some other stylish seating options that can really transform you deck into the ultimate relaxation station. 

A place for plants 

Plant life looks great on any deck and really helps to create a vibrant, visually satisfying space. For many deck-dwellers, potted plants are a familiar favourite, as you can colour code your hanging or floor-standing pots with your other decorative decking furnishings.

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You could also consider some tropical foliage, a nice bed of flowers, or even a little succulent garden. Growing climbing plants up and along a nearby trellis or pergola is a great way to create some natural shade and also provide a little extra privacy. 

Family fun time 

Consider your deck as just another space for you and your family to share some quality time. Having a beautiful deck for your children to play on, your teenagers to sunbathe on, and for all of you to enjoy together is about more than home décor, it’s about making lasting memories. 

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Low maintenance decking 

Composite decking has a multitude of advantages over its natural wood counterpart. In addition to being much more eco-friendly, composite decking resists fire, fade, stains, and expansion.

No yearly treatment required

Unlike timber decking, composite decking boards won’t rot, splinter or split. That means that the maintenance and repairs costs are virtually non-existent, as there’s no need to seal or stain composite decking boards like you would do with wooden decking boards. What’s more, composite decking features a slip-resistant surface in both dry and wet conditions – perfect for that extra peace of mind when your garden party is in full swing!

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Easy to clean 

The revolutionary outer armour of the latest co-extruded composite decking boards protects the surface against common stains like ketchup, tree sap, or any other accidental spills. A simple wipe with a clean, wet cloth will see away easy stains, while a quick blast of a pressure washer will take care of tougher stains, such as bird poo.

Decking that stands the test of time

Building a beautiful deck in your outdoor space is easy when you partner with composite decking specialists who are as determined as you are to make your garden look its very best. 

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Dura Composites’ composite decking products are easy to install and built to withstand the test of time, that’s why they come with a minimum 10-year warranty, are fade resistant and come with a fire rating.

Use the Dura Composite Decking Visualiser Tool to test out different decking colours and styles. You can also request a composite decking sample, or get quick price quote with the Composite Decking Tile Calculator.


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