Best Indoor Flowering Plants That Are Easy To Maintain

Indoor plants are a great way to spruce up your home interiors and lift the mood in your home. What’s more? They also improve the flow of fresh air in your home.

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There are different varieties of indoor plants and flowers; whether you choose large or small plants, you’ll enjoy more warmth in your rooms. All indoor plants require varying nutrients, light and care requirements, and you should pick the best.

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Here’s a list of the best easy-to-maintain indoor plants;

1. Hoya Carnosa

Are you seeking beautiful yet easy to care for indoor plants? Hoyas should top your list. They thrive well in most climates and will significantly benefit from artificial light indoors. Moreover, these plants can endure low light settings to create attractive star-shaped buds. 

2. Lilies

There are different types of lilies, and many thrive indoors. Some species are fragrant, and others are non-scented. Lilies are easy to care for and will thrive well if you offer the right light, water and nutrient levels. And the best bit? Lilies also thrive outdoors. You can grow them in a pot and transplant them to your outdoor garden later on. To learn more about lilies and other ornamental indoor plants, you contact flower experts like Pearsons Florist based in Sydney. The specialist will guide you in picking the right indoor plants and flowers for your needs.

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3. Anthurium

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Anthurium plants are another choice worth considering. These are hearty-shaped plants that you’ll get in various colors such as pink, purple and red. They can endure all levels of indirect light and are easy to grow indoors. They do well in humid weather and moist soil but will grow and blossom faster with a higher level of indirect light.

4. Ferns

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Ferns will add that tropical look to your home interiors. They are low maintenance with minimal care requirements. Once you provide them with the right nutrients, light and moisture, you can be sure of healthy plants all year round. That’s not all, though! Ferns are effective in eliminating pollutants, which makes them a favorite choice among many homeowners.

5. Poinsettia

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Do you fancy plant hat bloom all year round? You won’t go wrong with poinsettias. They are holiday favorites that will bloom for months with minimal care. For excellent results, place the flowerpot close to a window and allow the plant to get at least five hours of light daily.

Which plants suit my home décor?

  Choose indoor plans that blend in well with your aesthetics and décor. Single plan specimens are ideal for tiny rooms, while tall plants are perfect for rooms with horizontal lines. On the other hand, tall monster or giant ferns are excellent choices for a contemporary style with straight lines. 

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The flower colors are also of the essence. If your rooms feature white or a light cored background, plants with red, pink or orange flowers make excellent options. Similarly, white flower plants or those with variegated foliage are ideal for rooms with a dark background.

The bottom line

You can create an attractive display in your home using various indoor plants. Choose plants that are easy to maintain, and use containers that match the plant colors. Moreover, buy from reputable sellers and enjoy healthy and beautiful plants in your home.


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