How Skylight Windows Are Now Back In Fashion

Several years ago, placing windows in the roof space was seen as ingenious by architects. It was something that didn’t interfere with neighbour’s privacy, whilst allowed considerably more natural light into the property than your standard window.

However, it was the latter benefit which made skylight windows briefly go out of fashion. For all they did bring lots of natural light in, this was very hard to control. They were largely inaccessible and this didn’t only mean that it became impossible to dictate how much light would be allowed into the property, but it also created difficulties relating to temperature management. In other words, during the summer months these windows allowed large amounts of sunlight to seep through – and at times make the house unbearable.

Fortunately, advancements in the blinds industry seem to have rectified the above issues and skylights are back with a bang. They are one of the most common features across contemporary dwellings across the country – and that’s because blinds manufacturers have eradicated those troublesome disadvantages.

No matter how high the skylight is situated – it’s always accessible

One of the main ways in which blinds manufacturers addressed the lack of accessibility with these windows was through motorized blinds. At one stage, many of these windows were left uncovered – simply because there was no way to reach them and control the window treatment. Then, we reached a point where large stick-like objects were used to control them from ground level. Suffice to say, both approaches were riddled with problems.

This is where the motorized blind has come to the rescue and means that the skylight can be controlled from anywhere in the house. While most households will take advantage of a basic remote control to allow in natural light as they please, others may set a programmable timer which eradicates day-to-day manipulation full stop.

Regardless of the approach taken, it solves both problems. Light can be controlled by the literal click of a button, while at the same time you won’t be creating that stuffy greenhouse effect due to the sun beaming through in the peak of the afternoon.

On the subject of the sun…

While some people will be completely satisfied in controlling the heat of their house through a motorized system, others may demand much more.

This is where advancements in the blinds industry have again created a new lease of life for the skylight, with solar and insulated blinds both hitting the market with something of a storm. Solar blinds do exactly as the name suggests and limits the amount of solar light and heat that enters a building. They are ideal in hot climates and when combined with a motorized solution, it allows the homeowner ultimate flexibility.

Insulated blinds are somewhat similar, with their “honeycomb” design meaning that it is much more difficult for heat to transfer through the material. On the hot days this limits the sun’s rays, while in the winter months it prevents heat escaping. Again, when such technology is combined with the motorized option, it again makes the skylight completely flexible. Several years ago, this was something which seemed utterly farfetched.


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