How to Add a Personalised Touch to Thank You Cards

Sending a thank you card when you have received something amazing, or when someone has done something nice for you, is the perfect way to show your appreciation for their kindness. You can take this one step further by adding a personalised touch to make it even more special.


Let’s take a look at five different ways that you can add a personal touch to your thank you cards:

Add a Photo: One of the most effective ways to make a thank you card more personal is to add a printed photo onto the front of the card. This is easy to organise through a professional printing company. It can be sent after a party or special occasion such as a wedding and feature a photo of the person at the event. This can be organised within a few days and it will cost around C$3 per card.photo_card_2

Add a Personal Message/Name: Instead of sending out a generic thank you card, you can get the recipient’s name printed onto the front to show them how much their good deed means to you. You can also write a personal message inside the card that tells the person why you want to say thank you, rather than writing a general thank you message that could be aimed at anyone.

Add a Surprise inside the Card: You can put things inside the card to show your appreciation and to make your card a little more fun. This might be some confetti if you want to say thank you for attending a wedding and this is a cheap way to make a card more exciting to open.photo_cards-1

Send a Photobook: A thank you card doesn’t have to be a regular thank you card and instead you can send something more personal like a photobook from an online company like Photobox. These books feature a selection of photographs of your choice put together into a book and they are a great way to show your appreciation to someone special.

Add a Voucher: If you would rather send a card than a present, you can always send a thank you card with a voucher inside. The gift voucher is a nice way to say thank you to someone; purchase a voucher from a shop that you know the recipient really likes to make it more personal.

These examples are some great ways to jazz up the way you say thank you in the future and hopefully you can create some new ideas of your own by taking inspiration from some of the above.


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