The Hottest Interior Design Trends To Watch In 2016

From the latest innovative textile material to the hottest new trend in state-of-the-art fitted kitchens, 2016 is set to be the year we’re all going to be talking about. Whether your style is contemporary, avant-garde or minimalist, interior design trends for the New Year are focused towards turning your home into a desirable space that will embody definitive style.


Take note to embrace your home’s quirks to maintain the balance between the old and new styles. Enjoy the journey of curating anew but concentrate on opting for those that will make your space not only feel rejuvenated but also most importantly, you.

Texture Contrasts
First and foremost, the sole object of desire in almost every room will focus on creating depths of texture that represent all things cosy and comfortable. Playful yet sophisticated, favourites are faux fur, suede and brushed velvet mixed together to create relaxing silhouettes. Harness the power of textiles to create your very own sense of warmth, colour and emotional interest to make your home feel, well, truly like a home.Interior-Design-Trends

Colour Drama, Everywhere
Translating to wall colours and ceramic backsplashes, dramatic colour is back. Creating bold, statement-colour combinations, the aim is to use strong shades to create fluid movement from room to room. Hard textures like cement and wood are even playing a key role in this trend as well as the mixing of metallic and metals. Be brave in creating truly custom looks and consider injecting geometric patterns in a harmonious fashion. Additionally, find a thread of colour that you can continue from room to room to create visual harmony, as while opposites attract, your taste will need to bind it all together.Interior-design-Trends-2016

Eco & Sustainable
From the padding in our sofas to the premium wood sourced for counter worktops, sustainability is at the heart of everything next year. Think re-purposing, reinventing, reusing and recycling – things that interior designers and smart consumers are already starting to do now. Excellent instant inspiration can be found online from sites like Pinterest. The key learning is to find new uses for old things and reinvest in pieces you’ll love and enjoy for years to come. Inject more greenery into the home to carry on the ethos.

Kitchen = Heart of The Home
Easily the most well trafficked room in the house, 2016 sees the kitchen remain as the focus and heart of the home. Celebrating its ability to operate as a multi-purpose space for friends and family, there is further rising popularity for open plan flooring. Carrying over from 2015, fitted kitchens are echoing smart functional designs that casually blend into every nook. Ways to adopt this would be installing smart storage: toe-kick drawers underneath lower cabinets, pull-out shelving and built-in charge ports for tablets and other technology devices.




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