How to Arrange Your House in the Feng Shui Spirit

Feng Shui is a discipline dating back several hundred years. It aims to optimize the flow of energy, Chi, by arranging the environment. This improvement should increase the quality of life for residents of the home or office occupants. So to relieve stress, get in Feng Shui. Feng Shui is based on Chinese theories. It is particularly based on the presence of two opposing forces, Yin and Yang. Thus, these two principles coexist in nature and are the cause of the vital energy that surrounds us and is also in us. Like acupuncture and tai-chi-chuan that improve the flow of energy in our body, Feng Shui aims to facilitate this movement in our environment. How to prepare your Feng Shui home ? It is theoretically necessary to furnish your apartment or house to facilitate the flow of Chi. But the rules of Feng Shui are quite complex. This is why some companies and even individuals make use of specialists. However, each of us can, from a few basic tips, make their habitat in accordance with these principles.

1. Living room: the living room should have two doors, one near the entrance and the other giving more directly on other parts, to allow the flow of Chi. None of the lounge chair should turn its back to doors or the fireplace, always for the same reason. A square table or round will be especially preferable to an oval or rectangular table. We can install a TV, provided on the left with a green plant to eliminate the negative waves. Avoid mezzanines, which prevent the smooth flow of energy.

Photo: Reiko Feng Shui Interior Design

2. Kitchen: in the kitchen, it is not necessary that the work plan makes you to turn your back to the door. The sink and the fridge must be removed from the kitchen (the fire should not rub the water).

3. Bedroom: In a house designed in Feng Shui spirit, the bed should not be positioned directly facing the door. But let it be visible from the bedside. Do not electrical installations above the bed, or electronic device or television facing it. There should be no green plants and aquarium in the room (the fish stimulate the Chi, and will prevent a restful sleep). The bed should not be reflected in a mirror, for not returning the negative waves removed by the body during sleep. It is best not to have a window on the wall opposite the door, to prevent the Chi from disappearing too quickly.

4. The office: Always install the plants in your office. These act on the energy flow and promote initiatives and entrepreneurship. If you can, avoid open spaces that promote stress. Move your chair back against the wall. Avoid putting your desk in front of that of a colleague, a source of tension: it is better to put them at odds.

Even if you do not believe in the virtues of Feng Shui, you can follow these Feng Shui tips home because they are just common sense things. The Feng Shui of a place affects all types of environment: your home, your office, your business. It enhances your life and your family, your employees, your customers. The use of Feng Shui helps you choosing the best site and its orientation, to identify and correct a negative Ch’i in your living place. It is important to understand that the Ch’i that circulates freely makes a positive space and leads to a peaceful life. A Ch’i moving slowly or stuck cause problems in daily life and in the long-term achievements.

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