Restaurant Ô Sixth Sense Displaying an Industrial Look

Restaurant Ô Sixth Sense is indeed a special concept that we would have never thought were possible. What makes so special? The restaurant is not common, but a restaurant managed by blinds. As you may have guessed from the title, the central idea of this concept is referring to the ability to perceive things without seeing, the ability that only certain people have it and especially blind persons. I’ve already aroused your interest? Well, located in Quebec, Canada, the Restaurant Ô Sixth Sense is designed by Amiot Bergeron Architects and stands out first of all because of its special character. The concept was born from the meeting of two foundations: Mira and Caecitas. Mira promotes independence of blind people through the guide dog and Caecitas support job creation projects for this client very disadvantaged in terms of labor. The architects imagine an original concept adapted to the Quebec City region and which differentiates itself from other restaurants in the dark by its willingness to adapt to 100% at work for the blind waiters. In terms of design, it differs by a space lit, colorful, very friendly that welcomes clients and serves as a place to continue discussions and have a drink after finishing the meal in the dark. It has also a space sofa  where you can relax while watching guide dogs in their living room. Just let yourself be guided by your intuition -seems to transmit those who thought the project.

Designed to promote independence as possible through facilitating the work of its employees who are blind, Ô Sixth Sense is fully adapted for these, everything being made to accommodate the 10 blind waiters who work there full time: one level place, easily accessible and located near transit. One part of the restaurant is lit, but the other is in absolute darkness! There is a a sandwich shop, where you eat light, and the room in the dark for the service to the blind. 50 seats are on each side of the restaurant set in part by foundations Mira and Caecitas. Everything from tables that are aligned perpendicularly with walls that guide the servers, textures that are not there for the pleasure of the eye, but to serve as benchmarks for the blind, to carpets, curtains and acoustic ceiling tiles that are all black, of course,  in order to create a “gateway” between two worlds.

Additionally, they pull the joints along the walls, seal all the tiny holes, but the light still persisted because some customers said they still see the “fireflies” in the dark of the room! Wanted to stimulate the visual senses of customers, the architects creates a different kind of confusing sensory experience in the illuminated part of the restaurant. The lime green banquettes and the smart use of the same color for a few walls together with those orange chairs add a fresh touch to the restaurant’s interior design and complement both white and black decor. Completely new and interesting experience we must say!

Photos: © Pierre Soulard.





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