How to Be Environmentally Friendly When Travelling

How to be environmentally friendly is one of the important concerns nowadays and many people are constantly searching for solutions in this way. We’re curious and excited at the same time to discover interesting and many times really amazing design concepts that come to meet today’s needs in terms of environmental protection. The project that caught our attention today suggests a great eco-friendly solution for your nature trips, that in a not so distant future we would like to think it will be a very popular alternative of today’s hotels.


It is called “DROP Eco-hotel”  and it’s a removable hotel room featuring organic design and eco-friendly services, which can be installed on natural locations and follows you wherever you want. How does it sound? We guess awesome as long as it’s already an award-winning project, which was submitted by IN-TENTA to a microarchitecture design competition organized by URBAN SQUARE + o-cults and Taller de Arquitectura Ricardo Bofill. With a form inspired by nature, “DROP Eco-hotel”  is a quite original and practical solution for the modern nomad who look for protecting the environment, having at the same time the comfort of a home.

Consisting of modular wooden and steel elements, the structure of this portable architecture would integrate perfectly on a variety of terrains,  being elevated to interfere as little as possible with the unspoiled surroundings in order to avoid negative impacts on the environment. Guests have the possibility to come into direct contact with nature through catchy spherical transparent windows resembling bubbles, which provide also natural ventilation and abundant daylighting. Surprinsingly comfortable with its minimalist sustainable interior design, “DROP Eco-hotel” really becomes a luxury cottage suitable for everyone who has an inherent yearning for nature. The project is currently in the engineering phase with the urban furniture and microarchitecture producer, URBAN SQUARE, and will be available in the new URBAN SQUARE‘s catalog of microarchitectures for hotels.








 CGI Photography by estudibasic



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