Innovative Pavilion Concept by Michael Jantzen

Michael Jantzen, artist and inventor, as he likes to say about him, envisioned some really innovative designs,  like this pavilion concept, well known around the world as they appeared a lot in both written and audio-visual media and have also been exhibited at the Canadian center for Architecture, the National Building Museum and at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Using architecture as an art form, Michael Jantzen try to show new thinking, firstly through the re-discovery of the built environment in an eco-friendly manner.

Creative-wind-shaped structure-02

This creative and eye-catching wind shaped pavilion is a design proposal  for a large fabric edifice either private or public. When you look at the construction, it seems like any other building with a relatively symmetrical shape, but in fact the unique design is dynamic and changes continuously as wind blows. This process is possible due to the fact that the fabric structure, contrary to appearances, is lightweight so it randomly rotates each of the six sections around a central open support framework.

What is more interesting is that this continuous shape’s alteration generates at the same time electrical power for its nighttime illumination. Once started this process, it’s unlikely to return to the original symmetry, but this was the purpose and the resulted building design  is amazing. The construction could be transform in a commercial building or an apartment complex if the structure’s materials and scale would change, so the six sections could be rotated by occupants themselves according to their desires and needs. Have a look and use our comment area to express your opinions.

Creative-wind-shaped structure
Creative-wind-shaped structure-03

Creative-wind-shaped structure-04

Creative-wind-shaped structure-05

Creative-wind-shaped structure-06

Photos © Michael Jantzen


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