Concrete box house architecture by Olkruf Architecture

Designed by Olkruf Architecture, this modern concrete architecture, located in Schnepfau, Austria, surrounded by a beautiful landscape, represent a modern residential architecture,  in shape of a box.


Because of this beautiful scenery and concern for keep and protect the natural environment, the designer tried and succeeded to create a simple box architecture design in order to reflect a minimal impact to the surrounding area.  When you want to build a home, the main aspect you have to think beside the shape of design is what kind of material you prefer to build your house. It is extremely beneficial to make the right decision. To do that, you have to think of the benefits of building a strong house to persist in time. The strength of a solid house is given by the concrete material, so why,a concrete box house can be the best solution for you.


The double shell of House Ruscher has no horizontal construction joints, because the outer wall is constructed as a strong and resistance piece. Also, the architect built a small guest house as an additional of the house. House Ruscher architecture reflects not an ordinary house with an ordinary architecture, but a natural rock formation, with a great interior design, a welcoming home  for a great family.  The concrete box house, it fits perfectly in this natural space because of its magnificent architecture design.




source: Concrete box house


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