Futuristic Designer Lighting: Mercury

Designer lighting is a wonderful compliment to any space, be it private or public. Simple and functional, fancy or artistic, it’s a fantastic option when you’re making home improvements and you don’t want just a pendant light, but a piece of art that promise to change the whole décor and ambiance of your interiors. Besides it brings together unrivalled quality and styles, designer lighting shows unique and innovative designs which will create the image that you have always desired.


One popular style nowadays is pendant lighting that acts as a great light source for foyers, dining rooms and offices because they hand beautifully over tables and create a magnificent atmosphere for these areas. Today, we want to show you some futuristic pendant lamps that can be blend in with a highly modern decorating style and futuristic interior designing style: Mercury suspension lamps imagined by acclaimed designer and visionary Ross Lovegrove, whose work, which embrace a deeply human and resourceful approach, is considered the new aesthetic expression for the 21st Century. The lamps are created for one of the world’s most known illumination brands serving the residential illumination sector and high end professionals, Italian company Artemide, which these days is synonym with innovation, design and made in Italy.

Their lighting fixtures are exhibited in modern art museums and design collections, due to the fact that they are internationally recognized as design icons of contemporary design and looking over these photos, Mercury suspensions lamps further confirm this. A very attractive assembly of  large peebles resembling fluid substance floats below simple modern aluminium disc, mirroring each other surfaces and the environment around them due to the materials used such as stainless steel, painted steel, chrome aluminium and thermoplastic material with metallic finish. During the day the interesting reflective units acts as a sculptural object reverberating the dynamics of natural light. It is available in the suspension and ceiling versions, great for private residences, offices, hospitality hotels.




Photos ©Ross Lovegrove

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