Modern architecture Tepoztlán Lounge house by Cadaval & Sola Morales

The next project proposed is a wonderful architecture that for sore you’ll love it. Designed by Cadaval & Sola Morales architecture, the project represents a modern architecture with a simple interior design, but the most important is the fact that nature becomes part of this construction.

interior house tree

The green architecture is the best solution for the conservation and protection of the environment by using all the natural resources wisely, for our good and for the next generation too. Located in south of Mexico, in a small town with amazing landscape, the Tepoztlán Lounge house has a unique design, with three separated living quarters, with a very simple architecture and interior design.


Each of them has a definite space , such as in the first space quarter there is a kitchen with an open bar, and a dressing room, the second holds a play area for children, and sa third is obviously the largest, and it’s a place for other activates like watching tv, communicate with friends and family. This building has continuity with the environment. The nature is inside and outside the house, is a place where the nature meets the interior space of the house, it represent a natural habitat which is the most important element of design for this construction.


space house

The fresh green landscape, with the view of mountain in front of the house represent the perfect place for building a house, because here you can  relax, read a book, spend time to meditate, swim and to be in contact with nature. The pool has a simple and elegant shape; it is also a part of this open green space architecture.




source: Tepoztlán Lounge house


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